ASG hears Class of 2025’s initiatives

Allegheny Student Government began this week’s general assembly at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26. The assembly was held virtually via Zoom.
Treasurer Olivia Brophy, ’23, said that club members are required to complete a budget application for the 2022-23 academic year in order to have a budget. Another requirement is attending a budget hearing. These hearings will take place on Sunday, May 1, and Sunday, May 8, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in McKinley’s Private Dining Room.
This week’s finance requests included approximately $3,300 from the general fund and $1,100 from the Culture, Inclusion & Leadership Coalition fund. A motion to approve these finance requests was passed.
Director of Diversity and Inclusion Jennifer Peralta, ’22, announced that furniture had been ordered for the multicultural lounge. Building the furniture will be a community day event, the date to be announced.
Director of Communications and Press Ryder Sullivan, ’22, said that money for ASG t-shirts had been approved. She was looking to put together a senior post for this week with all the senior members of ASG.
Director of Community Relations Kyrié Doniz, ’23, encouraged everyone to sign up for Service Saturday, which is occuring on April 30. Projects begin at 9 a.m. and are supposed to last until 1 p.m., though Doniz said that most end at 12 p.m.
Director of Organizational Development Crystal Hernandez, ’23, reminded members that the ASG formal was to take place Friday, April 29.
The guidelines for senate elections were now available. Attorney General Jack Parker, ’22, made clear that by Monday, May 9, senators had to submit their materials to either him or Parliamentarian Rachael Harris, ’22.
A motion to approve the Consulting Club for its second week of voting was passed.
According to Vice President of the Class of 2022 Skyler Roemele, the senior celebration is slated to occur on Tuesday, May 3.
“(The celebration) is a kickstart to this form that Career Education does every year to find out where seniors are going after they graduate,” Roemele said. “We’re going to have business cards. We’re going to have opportunities to get your headshots done. We’re going to bring the alumni office to the meeting.”
During the event, the class will be giving away a framed diploma holder, a cap and gown and a tassel, and two $25 gift cards to the bookstore.
President of the Class of 2023 Bridgit Hayes said that her class is continuing to plan for a dinner with the Islamic Cultural Association, as well as a movie night on Gator Quad.
The first-year formal is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, from 6-10 p.m. President of the Class of 2025 Abigail Estrada-Hernandez announced that her class began tabling that day and will also table the following week to get students to sign up and scan the QR code on the poster to RSVP.
The Class of 2025 will also be hosting a study hall event on Wednesday, May 11, from 6-8 p.m. in room 206 of the Henderson Campus Center.
“Basically, it’s just to create an environment for students to help them during finals, to get them focused,” Estrada-Hernandez said.
In addition, the first-year senators hope to table the week of May 11 to hand out goodie bags.
Senator Joe Leszczynski, ’25, announced that a fireside chat about Lyme disease will take place on Saturday, May 7, a chat that he said may appeal to those interested in the Global Health Studies department. He had been asked to bring volunteers to help set up.
President-elect Veronica Green, ’23, said that she and vice president-elect Rudra Schultz-Ray, ’23, had finished their cabinet interviews last week and now had decided on their cabinet appointees. She asked senators to come to the following week’s general assembly to vote on the cabinet for next academic year.
Vice President Sophie Adams thanked everyone who helped before the Major Event Concert. The concert ended up selling 712 tickets — the most tickets ever bought for a major event. Reimbursements for those who volunteered would be processed that week.
In addition, Adams said that Phil Foxman of Development and Alumni Affairs was looking to come in to hear about any ideas for next year’s Blue and Gold Weekend from ASG. After some discussion among members, Adams decided that she would invite Foxman as a guest speaker at the following week’s general assembly.
ASG Advisor Jennifer Foxman, ’89, confirmed that plans for senior week would be re-examined given that Springfest was now over.
Adams encouraged everyone to get tested for COVID-19, in light of the recent uptick in cases.
“Wear a mask to class because you have no idea if the person in front of you in line at (Brooks Dining Hall) was COVID-positive,” Adams said. “So go get tested. A third of our school got tested yesterday, and about the same amount got tested today.”
The assembly adjourned at approximately 7:57 p.m.