ASG appoints new treasurer

Allegheny Student Government has a new treasurer for the remainder of the semester.

ASG’s weekly general assembly began on Tuesday, April 6, at 7:30 p.m. in room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center.

President Noah Tart, ’22, announced that Lucas Biniewski, ’23, has stepped down from the position of ASG Treasurer. Olivia Brophy, President of the Class of 2023, agreed to fill this role. A motion to approve Brophy was passed.

Brophy thanked everyone for being patient with her as she got acclimated to her duties.

“I’m looking forward to working with (ASG Advisor Jennifer Foxman),” Brophy added. “We already have a meeting for the end of the week, so hopefully we … don’t miss a beat, and we can jump right back into it.”

Finance requests for the week totaled approximately $9,992: about $4,300 from the general fund; $1,200 from the surplus fund; $1,500 from the speaker fund; and $2,900 from the Culture, Inclusion, & Leadership Coalition Fund. A motion to approve these requests was passed.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Jennifer Peralta, ’22, announced a lip sync battle with the CILC organizations on Saturday, April 9, at 2:15 p.m. in the campus center.
Director of Communications and Press Ryder Sullivan, ’22, reported that she would be sending out a Google Form later in the week regarding shirt sizes for student government t-shirts. She also mentioned that Why Not Us? would be hosting a self-defense training class on Friday, April 8 at 6:15 p.m. in Montgomery Hall.

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Andi Reiser, ’23, said that she is considering tabling the following week from April 13-15 for the menstrual cup giveaway and that she will soon be submitting the budget for her recreational green space project.

Director of Community Relations Kyrié Doniz, ’23, revealed that the business of the week is the Kilted Kiln, a pottery store located at 882 Park Avenue Suite 3.

“It’s a great place to explore your artistic creativity by painting on different things,” Doniz said. “They have … medallions, they have cups (and) they have plates.”

Director of Organizational Development Crystal Hernandez, ’23, directed members to signups for the ASG formal — which will take place on Saturday, April 29, from 8-10 p.m. at the Italian Civic Club — and reminded everyone to send her their volunteer hours.

On behalf of the judiciary branch, Parliamentarian Rachael Harris, ’23, thanked everyone for voting in the presidential election.

“As parliamentarian, it was really important to me to get student engagement, specifically in the form of voting,” Harris said, “and it … meant a lot to me, really, to see one of the highest voter turnouts we’ve had in a very long time. I’m very impressed.”

Chief of Staff Genesis Pena, ’22, announced that the first hint for the major concert would be released that evening on the @alleghenymec_ Instagram account.

With Brophy now director of the treasury, Bridgit Hayes, hitherto holding the position of vice president of the class of 2023, is now president.

Hayes and other members of her class’s cabinet reported two upcoming collaborative events: a dinner with the Islamic Cultural Association, and a condom giveaway with Why Not Us.
Tart swore in Elle Hudson, ’23, a new senator for the class of 2023.

President of the Class of 2025 Abigail Estrada-Hernandez announced that a formal committee for the first-year formal had been created and encouraged everyone to attend GatorCon, which will take place Friday, April 15, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in Shafer Auditorium.

Vice President Sophie Adams, ’22, described an incident that she had seen occur earlier that day. A parent of a student accosted Hayes and Peter Alegre, ’23, outside the campus center as they were putting up green flags as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month to represent how many students have been sexually assaulted on campus. This parent claimed that Hayes and Alegre were overstating the prevalence of sexual assault at Allegheny and said they knew of a student who had lied about being assaulted.

“That kind of behavior is unacceptable,” Adams said. “I’d like to think parents, of all people, would be a little more tolerant … it broke my heart to see it. I just want to say that ASG is a safe spot, and I hope that if something like that ever happens to any of you, that you can come talk to me, you can talk to anyone on cabinet, and that you feel like you can be yourself here.”

Tart said that the transition process for the new student government president and vice president — Veronica Green, ’23, and Rudra Schultz-Ray, ’23, respectively — will begin soon.

The assembly adjourned at 7:51 p.m.