ASG meets with Stolar and Foxman of SLE Office

This week, Allegheny Student Government’s General Assembly featured two guest speakers from the Student Leadership & Engagement office: Eric Stoler, student life coordinator, and Jennifer Foxman, ’89, associate dean for student leadership and engagement.
The assembly was gaveled to order at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8, in room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center.
Stoler and Foxman fielded questions, comments and suggestions from ASG cabinet members and senators regarding what events they wanted to see happen on campus in the future, a matter that Stoler mentioned was of growing interest given the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions.
“Our main point is we don’t just want to plan a bunch of programs, events, initiatives … that doesn’t really interest any of you at the end of the day,” Stoler said.
Foxman pointed out that the student leadership and engagement office — previously named student leadership and involvement — was designed to get students asking what it means to be engaged on Allegheny’s campus. She also wanted student input on how to best inform students on upcoming events.
Senator Nicole Recio Bremer, ’25, said that she noticed a lack of information on things going on on campus, despite the daily MyAllegheny email.
“There should be a way to … unify everything that we have on campus,” Recio Bremer said, suggesting the implementation of one platform that all students can look at and that will advertise every upcoming event, not just a few.
This launched a discussion on the effectiveness of the MyAllegheny email. Senator Veronica Green, ’23, said that she looked at the MyAllegheny Instagram account more than she did the MyAllegheny website and proposed that students send information to this account in order to get the word out about campus happenings.Senator Rudra Schultz-Ray, ’23, mentioned the importance of tabling, particularly in the campus center during lunchtime, to spread awareness.
“Sometimes I do (check MyAllegheny), but most of the time I find out things are happening due to word of mouth or from walking through the campus center and seeing that people are sitting down and they’re actually talking about something,” Schultz-Ray said.
Stoler offered the idea, popular with several members of ASG, of monitors placed around campus that displayed upcoming events.
Other suggestions included food trucks, better-advertised transportation to events in the Meadville community, and more consistent happenings, such as a monthly movie night or a specific day in the week dedicated to “late-night Kinz.” Students were invited to stop by the student life suite with additional questions.
ASG carried on with its regular assembly duties.
As Director of Finance Lucas Biniewski, ’23, was not present, President of the Class of 2023 and Financial Controller Olivia Brophy read this week’s finance requests: $12,713.36 from the general fund, $1,629.01 from the surplus fund, and $208.50 from the Culture, Inclusion and Leadership Coalition fund. These requests were all approved.
Looking to table the following week for the menstrual cup giveaway, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Andi Reiser, ’23, informed ASG members that they would soon be receiving an email with a sign-up sheet. She also mentioned that a visual for the proposed student recreational space on E. College Street would be shared with the rest of ASG once more definite plans were created.
Director of Community Relations Kyrie Doniz, ’23, encouraged everyone to go out into the greater Meadville area and revealed that the business of the week is Kristen’s Kookies.
Attorney General Jack Parker, ’22, reminded everyone that the ASG presidential debate would take place Tuesday, March 15, at 7 p.m. in the Quigley Auditorium. He also mentioned that during the fall semester, he and interim Dean for Institutional Diversity and ASG advisor Tevis Bryant had discussed how ASG needs to be more in-line with college processes as certain investigations and actions are underway. He brought up the idea of a judicial review board.
“Say someone commits an infraction within ASG that might warrant some sort of community-based standards investigation … like a bias report,” Parker said. “Right now, the way it’s set up within ASG’s constitution, it doesn’t exactly align with the campus investigative process, and … none of us are qualified to handle that investigation.”
According to the current language in the constitution, the onus would be on ASG to carry out the investigation.
Parliamentarian Rachael Harris, ’22, introduced Travis Dear, ’24, to speak again in favor of his proposed Fishing Club. In his brief speech, Dear emphasized the community engagement aspect of the club, which ultimately was approved in its second round of voting, rendering it an official ASG organization.
Vice President Sophie Adams, ’22, announced that Springfest would be occurring this year from April 18-22, the week leading up to the major concert on April 23. President Noah Tart, ’22, encouraged students to volunteer at the concert. Tickets for volunteers will be reimbursed.
Adams also reminded everyone to let Parkhurst know via a feedback form when the food was not to their liking.
Bryant re-introduced Foxman, who will take over as the next ASG advisor after this administration completes its term.
The assembly adjourned at 8:13 p.m.