AC Men’s Soccer changes mindset for changed results

Contributed by Liam McKersie
Team captain Liam McKersie, ‘19, grins mid-game. McKersie plays defense.

The Allegheny College Men’s Soccer team has gained a new level of focus over the past season.

In an attempt to better themselves and the team, the leadership has shifted its practices and workouts to be more focused and serious.

The captains of the team made the practices more serious and made sure that everyone was working their best so it would translate into the games. In response, McKersie said, the team had a more serious mindset that showed during workouts, practices and games.

Team captain Liam McKersie, ’19, has helped mold the team into what it has become. “We had a strict list of team rules and team goals that we posted in the locker room that we were trying to follow throughout the year,” McKersie said.

McKersie also described how there has been a newfound focus, although there were still some growing pains this past season.

“It still was the most wins we’ve had in my time here,” McKersie said. “As far as the program is concerned it’s one step at a time in the positive direction.”

Coach Brendon Hall was also a contributor to the shape of the new team.

“The new piece was less standout players and more team bonding and unity in the way that we play the game,” Hall said.

Hall also said the focus was definitely higher than he has seen in the last couple of years.

“I felt that there was a strong integrity in the team in a way that was pushing for the best from each player, and each player trying to push each other,” Hall said.

Jorge Olan, ’20, agreed the team was looking the better playing the game than in past years.

“I think we looked a lot better this year within our own team,” Olan said. “We got more wins than last year, so that’s a stat that just proves we were working harder this year and really working on ourselves instead of worrying so much about other teams.”

This new focus will helpfully propel the team in the future, and allow it to win more games.

“Looking back on it now that my soccer career is over, it’s sad but it’s hard to be to sad because it’s been such a special memory and something I will always be so fond of,” McKersie said.