Tennis sweeps singles at John Carroll

Both the men and women’s Allegheny tennis teams had decisive victories against John Carroll on Saturday at Westwood Racquet Club. The teams swept the singles matches, with the men finishing with a final score of 7–2 and the women claiming victory with a score of 8–1.
The Gator men had a disappointing start, losing two of the three doubles matches at the start of the day, but were able to turn it around by sweeping John Carroll for all six points in the singles matches.
“We were all unhappy with the doubles matches, but I was very impressed with the singles play,” said Head Coach Jared Luteran, who has been the tennis coach for seven years.
Winning singles for the Gator men included Alex Bonfiglio, ’11, Mike Provenzano, ’13, Max Hennessy, ’13, and Nick Darrow, ’11. Evan Gordon, ’10, and Jacob Allmaras, ’11, who had the lone win for the Gators during the doubles matches with an 8–2 win, were also each victorious in singles play.
“This weekend was a good tune up match, good for us to access where we are and what we need to work on,” said Gordon.
Not to be outdone, the women’s team won two out of three doubles matches, and took every singles match to follow. Second-ranked doubles players, Janna Dickerson, ’12, and Elyse Schmitt, ’12, won their match with a final score of eight games to three, as did number three doubles Deb Landau, ’12, and Margaret Hadgkiss-Lilly, ’11.
“My partner and I came out strong on Saturday,” said Dickerson, who also won her singles match. “Our practice the week before really paid off.”
Schmitt also won her singles match.
A strong showing was also given by Sara Longo, ’11, Maggie Oravec, ’10, and Lauren Kristofco, ’11, who won the number one singles match.
Both men and women’s tennis teams are ranked third in the NCAC for the first time in recent years, but they are willing to take on the added pressure.
“It is nice to be recognized,” Gordon said.
Still, the team is not content with a third place ranking; both men and women are gunning for the teams ahead. The women narrowly lost to Kenyon at NCAC’s last year, and are looking to take over second place this spring.
“We all know we can be up there, we really want to beat Kenyon this year,” said Dickerson.
The men’s squad is looking to catch Denison at this year’s conferences.
Since Allegheny competes in one of the strongest conferences in the nation, these are not easy tasks. Both teams play and beat Division I and Division II teams regularly. This encourages high hopes to take out not only the top teams in the conference, but the top teams in the nation.
The tennis teams will head off to South Carolina for spring break, where they will play matches against Wisconsin-Whitewater, Carleton and Hope College.