Allegheny Student Government holds Meet Your Senator Event

Senators discuss plans and events for coming year

Allegheny Student Government held a Meet Your Senator event on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. At the event, ASG representatives gathered in the George M. Henderson Campus Center to talk with constituents and answer questions.

Kierra Price, ’18, is the president of the Class of 2018 and a member of the Student Affairs Committee.

As class president, Price said she helps the senior class coordinate constituent outreach events throughout the semester.

“We pair with other classes to hold events, and just different things like that so we can talk to our constituents,” Price said.

Price said one of the biggest events which the seniors help organize is the college’s annual Senior Week, held the week of graduation.

“Senior Week is a bunch of different activities that are going on on campus or in Meadville, where the seniors get together and just celebrate the four years that we spent here together,” Price said.

Price said she also serves as the secretary for the Student Life Committee, but that she is going to become the secretary of the new Wellness Committee once it forms.

“The Wellness Committee is a new initiative by some of the administrators,” Price said. “They want to see where the health center stands, we want to get some health bulletins around campus, we just want to improve the wellness around campus.”

Price said the Wellness Committee will be connected to the Student Affairs Committee.

“I will still be on the Student Affairs Committee, but I would also serve as a representative for ASG on the Wellness Committee,” Price said. “It’s a committee that’s just forming, so we haven’t ironed out a lot of the details, but like I’m pretty excited about it.”

In a more general sense, Price said the Student Affairs Committee tries to get an idea of what impressions students have about Allegheny.

“We do a student survey that we like kind of give to all of the students on campus,” Price said. “Not a lot of people take it, but we just kind of want to survey what the students want on campus, what needs to be fixed.”

Travis Court, ’18, is the co-director of Student Affairs. Court also sits on the board of the Campus Life and Community Standards Committee as a nonvoting member.

“I sort of am the voice to the faculty members and the staff members on the CLCSC, and I help coordinate the committee on ASG,” Court said.

Court began his ASG career during the 2016-17 academic year, when one of the senators from the Class of 2018 left ASG.

“I took the spot, I was on the committee and I just loved it,” Court said. “So then last year, I applied for Cabinet.”

Court, who is a Resident Adviser in Edwards Hall, said his biggest motivation is the students.

“I just want to make campus better for everyone and the best way to do that is start with small things that turn into really big things. So I feel, looking at policy and looking at basic resources is the best way to do it.”

Carlos Sanchez, ’20, is a senator for the Class of 2020. As a senator, Sanchez works on legislation relating to the college.

“Right now, ASG’s working on this legislation to uphold the previous Title IX,” Sanchez said. “Because, you know, Title IX was cut down quite a bit, so we’re trying to pass legislation so that Allegheny upholds the previous Title IX.”

Sanchez said he got involved in ASG to be an advocate for the Class of 2020.

“I just want to represent my class,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said his biggest motivation is trying to get the most out of college, both for himself and his class.

“One day, when I look back, I can say with all certainty that I helped improve the school,” Sanchez said.

Lauren Trimber
Senators David Roach, ‘21, Carlos Sanchez, ‘20, Jason Ferrante, ‘20, Trevor Mahan, ‘21, Elyse Cinquino, ‘20, and Akeem Adesiji, ‘20, were all present at the Meet Your Senator event on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017.