The quest for 100 is conquered, UConn keeps moving

Shea Beaumont, Opinion Editor

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team will more than likely go down as one of the most successful and dominant sports teams in the history of the NCAA after winning 100 straight games with their victory over the University of South Carolina on Monday, Feb. 13.

UConn is looking to set a record that may never come close to being surpassed again. They have already broken their old streak of 90 games back in January.

The Huskies have won two national titles during their streak and now they are in search of their fifth straight title, which would further increase the NCAA women’s basketball record for the most consecutive championships won.

The Pennsylvania State University women’s volleyball team won a record 109 straight matches and four straight NCAA titles from 2007 to 2010, which is a streak that may never be broken. The University of California Los Angeles men’s basketball team won 88 straight games under Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden from 1971 to 1974 and also managed to capture two NCAA championships during the span of the streak. Wooden would eventually win a record 10 national championships before retiring after his last NCAA title in 1975. The University of Oklahoma football team strung together a record 31 victories in a row but went on to beat their own record under Head Coach Bud Wilkerson from 1953 to 1957. They won 47 straight games and seized a national championship in both ’55 and ’56.

There is no question that win streaks come in bunches and they are hard to come by, but they are often underestimated in terms of actual achievement and success.

Win streaks that spread across multiple years are impressive enough, but nobody really looks at what needs to be accomplished to keep them alive. For example, look at the UConn women’s basketball team. They started their current streak back in 2014, in which they have not lost a single game spanning over three seasons. During this time frame, they have beaten 28 different top-25 ranked teams in the NCAA and have beaten 98 of their 100 opponents by double digit margins. It really goes to show how powerful the UConn legacy truly is when there isn’t a team in the NCAA that can successfully matchup with them on the court and challenge all they have built as a team.

In addition to the statistics, you have to look at a couple more factors when analyzing a major win streak like that of the UConn women’s basketball team.

Every season, Head Coach Geno Auriemma gets new women to coach with different skill sets and athletic abilities in which he must develop to match his game plan and style of play. He cannot keep his best starters on the court each and every year as he continues to win games. Once a player graduates or moves onto the Women’s National Basketball Association, he has to replace them with the same caliber of talent. He has to recruit the women that he thinks will best fit the team and his championship-winning formula in order to have positive team chemistry, which leads to success. Lastly, you have to take injuries into consideration. Coach Auriemma could lose his best player for the entire season, but he expects another woman to step up and fill that role for the time needed. This goes back to the recruiting process and choosing the right players to come and play for the Huskies. He has confidence and faith in the players that he recruits to get the job done, no matter who is on the court.

This is why the 100 game win streak is worth taking a deeper look at. No matter how long UConn keeps winning, it is quite possible that this record may never be broken.