New overtime rule “unnecessary”

This year, our post-football hangover was cured instantly by the Olympics, but now that those are done, there is a void in the sports world. March Madness isn’t for a few weeks, and the NHL season isn’t quite to the exciting home stretch. So why not fill this period of sports excitement purgatory with the unnecessary new propositions for new overtime rules in the NFL during the playoffs?

According to an Associated Press report, the NFL will discuss it at their meetings which will be held March 21–24. If the change were to be made, the team that gets the ball first cannot win the game on a field goal in their first possession, but if they score a touchdown they would win. After this first possession, the regular sudden death rules for overtime will apply.

There is no reason for the NFL to implement this, and I really don’t understand why people have so many issues with the current overtime system.

Yes, the college overtime system creates some added drama because of the whole baseball-like system. But that is exactly why the NFL should not follow it. Professional players should not succumb to a gimmicked, dramatized version of the sport after playing 60 minutes the normal way.

They are getting paid to play football, not football with all-new rules just because it is overtime.

Statistically, there is also no reason for a change, as everyone who has watched an NFL game in overtime can tell you that the team that wins the toss wins the game 50 percent of the time.

There are two sides to a coin, and two teams in a game, so after seeing this stat it is clearly not the coin that is deciding the outcome. The system is not broken, so it doesn’t need to be changed.

If everyone is so gung-ho about changing something about overtime, how about changing the whole “icing the kicker” phenomenon, which drives every-single spectator absolutely insane. I think the reason why people hate seeing a team lose via a wimpy-looking guy with a single-barred helmet on the first possession of overtime is because they have to wait an extra two minutes before   he kicks. I don’t know how the NFL would go about doing this, but I can’t think of anyone who loves listening to Phil Simms say, “hey, if you have ‘em, you might as well use ‘em” while waiting to find out if their team is going to win or lose.

Maybe they could tell refs not to grant time outs when a game winning field goal is on the line. I mean if the ref can’t “hear” the coach he can’t call a time out, right? While we’re at it, how about we just eliminate time outs in overtime altogether?

In a few short weeks we will find out the future of NFL playoff overtime, and even if the rule does get changed, I’m sure it will be something that doesn’t actually come into play for a few years.

Yes, it sucks to watch your team lose on a field goal in overtime, but any coach in the NFL will agree that if the NFL will agree that if you don’t want to lose that way, then you should have beaten them in regulation.