WARCh Madness kicks off with folk and metal

myspace.com Music lovers can catch performances by bands from two very different genres this Saturday at GFC. Tom Evanchuck, left, brings mellow folk and blues, while The Giraffeswill energize the crowd with a hard rock and metal sound.

This Saturday at 8 p.m., Grounds for Change is hosting a concert by Tom Evanchuck as well as a WARC-sponsored performance by The Giraffes. The evening of music will begin at 8 p.m. in the coffeehouse.

Becky Saylor, ‘11, is excited to experience some new music and take a break from the intensity of class work.

“It’s really great that GFC gives us so many opportunities to see bands that we otherwise wouldn’t have heard of,” Saylor said.

As featured in Rochester’s City Newspaper, Tom Evanchuck, the 20–year–old singer/songwriter from Cleveland plays music that falls into the category of folk and blues., with vocals resembling those of David Gray or Alan Whitney and music comparable to that of Neil Young.

Comments on Evanchuck’s personal MySpace suggest he is more than the typical blues singer.

“He is a time, a place and a presence that demands your attention,” one fan posted.

The up-and-coming artist is set to perform at various locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania including John Carroll University, Cleveland State and the Kent State Folk Festival.

According to Stephanie Miller,  ‘10, GFC’s music coordinator, the event will be Evanchuck’s first time performing at Allegheny.

The Giraffes, a metal band from Brooklyn, N.Y, will head up the second half of the night.

The hard rock band has toured with artists such as Eagles of Death Metal, The Vacation, Skeleton Key and The Means. The Giraffes are expected to bring something uncharacteristic to GFC.

“This will be [their] first performance at GFC and I expect them to have a wild and high energy performance.  Like a lot of other people, I’m completely stoked,” said Will Owens, ’10, of WARC.

This performance will kick off “WARCh Madness,” a weeklong series of concerts sponsored by WARC 90.3 FM. Other bands featured at GFC during this week will include Surfer Blood and Turbo Fruits on March 8 and Le Loup on March 13.

“I think it’s wonderful that GFC brings in acts from a wide range of genres,” said Julie Ropelewski, ‘12. “I appreciate both folk and hard rock, so I am excited to see both of these bands!”

The combination of the two acts  has created a unique concert experience that brings together genres of music that would not typically be sharing the stage.

Students who are looking for a distinct opportunity to broaden their musical horizons can head to GFC  on Saturday to catch Evanchuck’s mellow folk and The Giraffes’ energetic rock.