Warm up at Winterfest

It’s been over two weeks since Punxsutawney Phil mercilessly declared six more weeks of winter, and Meadville hasn’t been spared.

Students around campus are feeling the weight of the ever heightening snow and schoolwork, but a possible salvation glimmers from the ASG office on the third floor of the Campus Center.  On Friday, Feb. 19, ASG will counteract the despair in an attempt to rescue its downtrodden students with the relief of Winterfest.

Allegheny’s Winterfest is a young, now annual event full of activities and games which extends this year from the Campus Center Lobby to the Wise Center.  From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Campus Center will house a carnival where students may escape the treachery of Old Man Winter and compete in games such as ladder golf, sumo suit wrestling, cornhole, tricycle races, bingo and possibly Guitar Hero.

The celebration will also include freebie prizes in the form of color changing pens, though supplies are limited.

From 8 p.m. to midnight, students can traverse Highland Street and head to the Wise Center, where laser tag will take place on the blue courts.

ASG Director of Concerts and Special Events Rachel Faber, ‘10, orchestrated this year’s Winterfest and is especially excited for this particular event.

“We are bringing a massive, inflatable, 20’ by 40’ laser tag unit into the Wise Center blue courts and students can play for free and play on different teams all night,” Faber said.

ASG’s Assistant Director of Concerts and Special Events Aubrey Green, ’12, joined Faber in planning the event.

“The process has been very exciting and I am greatly looking forward to see how the campus enjoys Winterfest this year,” said Green.

Although Winterfest has become an annual event, it is one which still needs to win the appreciation of the student body.  Many students are unaware of the upcoming Winterfest and may experience it only in passing.

Jayne Sherretts, ’11, has never attended Winterfest, but seemed more interested once she learned about the planned laser tag and carnival games.

“It does sound a little more appealing,” Sherretts said. “I thought it was just an activities fair in the winter. A little more advertising would be helpful, because I didn’t even know what it was. It’s good during the winter months, because everyone’s stuck inside.”

Green is aware of Winterfest’s low profile, but is optimistic.

“Although turnout has not been among the highest of numbers, I am sure that the student body will love what we have planned this year,” Green said.

She was quick to point out the difference between Winterfest and the famous Springfest, though. “Winterfest is much more of a study break and relaxing time compared to Springfest which is more of a celebration for making it through the school year,” Green said.

“Winterfest is definitely more of a low-key style celebration,” Faber agreed.

To some, Winterfest may still seem ambiguous.

“The point of Winterfest is for students to be able to relax, eat for free, and play for free,” Faber explained.

“I feel like a lot of students get bored in the winter because there are just less things to do around Meadville when it snows a foot every week. I really wanted to give the students something on campus that is actually really fun to participate in with their friends.”

Thus, it appears that for one night at least, Phil’s forecast won’t damper the merriment within both the Campus  Center and Wise Center.