Ice hockey team closes season

The Allegheny hockey team finished their season recognizing their seniors and facing Washington & Jefferson. Though the team ended the season with a 2-10 record, they are looking ahead at improving and enjoying their time as a team.

“We had low and high points this season,” Chris Muise, ’15, said. “Toward the end of the season we had a lot of lows, from injuries to the flu and just not doing well in games. But we had exciting moments like the Pitt-Bradford game.”

Even with a rough season, the men found ways to enjoy the time spent on the ice and growing as a team.

“The bus rides and getting to know the team better were great parts of the season,” Trevor Gant, ’18, said.

Wyatt Gasparik, ’16, said the team is quality guys and being around the team made the season fun.

“As the season went on we got more comfortable around each other and knew where to be on the ice to be successful,” Gant said.

The hockey team faces a challenge of not having many people on the team, making games even harder.

“We don’t have many people on the team and when not everyone is at all the games, it can be a challenge on the ice,” Gant said.

At Allegheny, hockey is a club sport, making it more lenient on players and enjoyable for the team.

“Being a club sport, the team is more relaxed and it’s a lot of fun,” Gant said.

Muise said as a club sport, the team can bounce back easier when things get tough.

“Obviously we want to win, but there isn’t the added pressure,” Muise said. “We are all there to be teammates and have fun.”

Gasparik said everyone on the team is there because they love hockey and enjoy playing as a team.

“Each year the team has a different personality and core leadership,” Muise said. “The biggest change I have seen was when we rejoined the league we are in, we have been facing tougher competition, and the team has had more consistently the same people.”

This year the team had two seniors, and was able to work together well.

“We are only losing two seniors, but they are two strong presences on the ice,” Gasparik said.

Gasparik said the team got a new coach this year and is working to modify the team and they are learning from each other.

“We are hoping to have more numbers and better commitment from guys,” Gant said.

The team is optimistic for improvement in the next year and a better season next year.

“We are hoping for more interest and more bodies on the ice, and improving our record,” Gasparik said.