Jimmy Lasher from men’s golf named SAAC Athlete of the Month for October

The Campus: How does it feel to have been named Allegheny Male Athlete of October by Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)?
Jimmy Lasher: It feels great. I know one of my teammates, Jesse Clemente was at the meeting and I saw him right afterwards and he had told me that he gave me a little pitch and I had won, so it’s a nice honor for sure.

TC: How long have you been participating in the sport?
JL: I have been playing since I was six-years-old, but I played a bunch of other sports as well, so I started really taking it seriously when I was about nine or ten.

TC: How do you prepare for each game?
JL: It’s really a time consuming sport, so I guess ever since I can remember I’ve spent every day in the summer playing golf. It’s just sort of what I’m used to and what I know how to do. I don’t really have any specific things I do before a tournament or anything like that. I’ve grown accustomed to doing it every day.

TC: How do you keep yourself from getting into your head?
JL: It’s one of the hardest things. Patience is very big for me. I tend to want things to go my way and sometimes you just have to let things happen. You have to learn how to just not think about certain things out there. I think just over time I’ve learned how to do that better and better.

TC: What is your favorite memory as a Gator athlete?
JL: The past two years at our home tournament I’ve been in the last group, so all the teams had been sort of standing around, watching us come in. The support from my team, my parents, seeing everyone around the 18th green was one of my best memories.

TC: What is the most challenging part of being a student athlete?
JL: Just balancing your time. I’m involved in Greek life as well, so that’s another thing that takes up my time. I’ve always had pretty good time management skills, but I can spend more time practicing in the summer when I don’t have classes. It’s just something you have to learn how to deal with and it just makes the mental things that much more important in golf especially.

Jimmy Lasher
Jimmy Lasher