Gabby Curtis from women’s soccer named SAAC Athlete of the Month for October

The Campus: How does it feel to have been named Allegheny Female Athlete of October by Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)?
Gabby Curtis: It was a really great honor, but the credit really goes to my team. They’ve helped me out a lot and we’ve had a successful season.

TC: What does an athlete need to achieve in order to be nominated for these honors?
GC: I think it’s just having a really good season, having a really good week that translates to the month. I had a really good week early on in September and its carried through, luckily.

TC: How do you prepare for each game?
GC: Mentally, I try to just take some time and think about the game in front of me, what I have to do to succeed and what the team has to do to come out with a win.

TC: How do you keep yourself from getting into your head?
GC: I try to think as little as possible during games. I focus on play by play, just watching the game in front of me and directing it and not thinking about the play ahead of me, like the next one after that.

TC: What do you like to do in your free time?
GC: I’m a visual production major, so I’m really into films, music videos, digital shorts, that kind of stuff.

TC: What is your favorite memory as a Gator athlete?
GC: I think the obvious one is winning the NCAC Championship last year. It was the first year I played a full year in goal and the team just came out really strong and it was an incredible moment to be apart of.

TC: How do you keep team spirit and morale up?
GC: I think just making sure that everyone on the team understands what we’re going for and we’re the same page in terms of where we want our season to go. I’ve been really lucky to have a team with very little drama, very little outside influences that affect the game.

TC: What is the most challenging part of being a student athlete?
GC: The most challenging part has to be balancing your day to day work as a student as well as daily practices. Just getting your homework done and practice at the same time and finding time for yourself.

Gabby Curtis
Gabby Curtis