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Respect Different Views

In fitness, multiple viewpoints exist on many different topics.  From style of exercise to nutritional approach, to the best music to listen to when working out, different people will always have different opinions about what is “most optimal”.

Okay, maybe the music thing isn’t actually that important.  I digress.

On a serious note, let’s start with style of exercise.  As far as weight training goes, popular methods of achieving similar goals range from traditional bodybuilding-style training, Crossfit, power training, and bodyweight-only training.  When it comes to cardio, opinions on what is best will range from long distance running, to biking, to swimming, to interval training.  Nutrition is a whole different animal, but most of the argument takes place between eating “clean” and eating things that fit daily macro-nutrient requirements, often called “If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)”.  Some of these viewpoints must be better than others…right?


Fitness is all about what is finding combinations that work best for you and creating an optimal strategy based on your goals.  Attempting to stay strictly within the confines of only certain opinions is ridiculous, because a number of the options above, when combined correctly, will allow you to reach your goals on your terms.  Furthermore, combining styles of exercise and nutrition will keep your fitness life exciting, allowing you to try new things and keeping exercise from becoming a routine.

Problematically, many people try to stick strictly to one style of training.  Even more problematically, some people will argue to no end about why their chosen style of training or nutrition is “the best”.  As stated before, fitness is not about right and wrong, it is about what is right for you.  Arguing that your chosen styles are better than another person’s styles accomplishes nothing.

If you find someone telling you why their fitness viewpoints are the bee’s knees, do not be afraid to listen.  Many people have valuable information to share—they just may be sharing it in a way that is argumentative.  Take bits and pieces from all of these viewpoints and form the best fitness viewpoints that make sense for you, and stay away from discrediting others for their opinions.  By taking this advice, and learning to listen to your peers and combining fitness styles, your love for fitness will only grow.

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