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Into the abbey and the abyss with latest franchise film ‘The Nun’

Lauren Trimber, Matthew Steinberg, and Ellis Giacomelli

September 13, 2018

After the apparent suicide of a Romanian nun at Carta Monastery in 1952, “The Nun” follows Father Burke and Sister Irene, who are instructed by the Vatican to investigate at the deceased nun’s abbey. Father Burke and the n...

Dull and faceless: ‘Slender Man’ falls short

Ellis Giacomelli, Features Editor

August 30, 2018

With open arms, the faceless figure kneels to greet you. Then, you enter a new world —  a world you have never seen, a world you wish to never see again and a world that took 91 minutes of your time. The summer thriller ...

Reviewer: “Cooper’s performance delivered”

Chris Brindle, Contributing Writers

February 5, 2015

“American Sniper” is the true story of a U.S. Navy SEAL named Chris Kyle. The movie revolves around Kyle’s four tours in Iraq, but the film also follows his relationship with his wife and family, and his development of Post...

Reviewer: “Horns” is a devilishly good read

Aurley Morris, Contributing Writer

December 8, 2014

4 out of 5 stars Joe Hill, born Joseph Hillstrom King, is the son of famous horror author, Stephen King. Wishing to gain notoriety for his work, rather than his famous lineage, Hill adopted a nom de plume and only revealed...

‘Hanna’ can’t reconcile mixture of dual genres

April 15, 2011

For her first 16 years, poor little Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) lives a life of seclusion in the forests of Finland. All that this unfortunate girl has in her life is caribou hunting, two books and her ex-CIA operative father Erik ...

“The Lottery” fails to teach, reviewer says

April 8, 2011

Entertainment isn’t everything. Every now and then you need to skip out on the theater and get some knowledge. But reading takes forever, classes can be a bore and staring at computer screens all day has negative long-term co...

‘Mr. Sunshine’ overcast

February 25, 2011

never watched "Friends," the hallmark sitcom of the 90s that forced on us—ahem, introduced us to—the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox. So maybe I’m missing what is undoubtedly the biggest appea...

Radiohead experiments with lighter themes on new album

February 25, 2011

hat kind of world do we live in when the biggest band of our generation leaks a highly anticipated album very quietly—a week before it’s out, at that? It seems Radiohead doesn’t really care. Radiohead sent a special love messag...

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