The Campus

Sunrise Movement chapter to begin at Allegheny

Willy Walker, Science/International Editor

February 6, 2020

To respond to the growing climate crisis, several activist groups have formed with the intent to empower young people to take action against climate change. One of these organizations has just begun to take root at Allegheny C...

Becoming more compassionate in 2020

Ethan Woodfill, Opinion Editor

January 23, 2020

I thought of the idea for this piece over break after several encounters with some impatient people. Namely, the barista at Starbucks greeted me, and then an older gentleman who I had not noticed off to the side exclaimed, “E...

Column: frigid temperatures to senior nostalgia

Hannah Schaffer, News Editor

November 21, 2019

The year 2019 gave me a newfound appreciation for reasonable people and an addiction to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. While 2019 had great potential, it fell a bit. However, it did take me on one wild rollercoaster ride — the ...

Democrats are poised to underestimate Trump on the campaign trail — again

Shane Ostrom, Opinion Editor

April 20, 2019

2020 is just around the corner and has the potential to bring with it the most absurd, unconventional and dangerous presidential campaigning the United States has ever seen. It is no secret Donald Trump will stoop to incredi...

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