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How tech companies know more about you than you realize

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor November 21, 2019

A century ago, the oil industry was one of the most dominant in the world. With rapid industrialization taking place in the 19th century, oil was discovered as a new source of fuel, incentivizing companies...

Love: the root of what makes holidays meaningful

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor November 7, 2019

It’s that time of year again — the holiday season. Some people look forward with excitement and joy to the months of November and December, and others dread them with every bone in their body. There...

Learning to embrace the ‘Mondays’ of life

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor November 1, 2019

It has hit that point in the semester — you know how this story goes. It’s late Sunday night, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have just won yet another game on Primetime football. You just...

Being a team player: Building your resume 101

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor November 1, 2019

Age 21 — we are obsessed with “building” our resumes. We get involved with countless amounts of clubs and activities and spend every waking hour of our free time studying, in the hopes that our resume...

Foundation of a great nation

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor October 24, 2019

Patriotism is an extremely hard concept to grasp, and an even harder concept to explain, because of the endless amount of interpretations that are tied with both negative and positive connotations. By...

It’s never too late to create a life worth living

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor October 24, 2019

There is an old, wise saying that goes, “Live everyday like it is your last because you never know if it will be,” and unfortunately that phrase resonates with everyone — young, old or in-between....

The unrealistic reality of reality TV

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor October 11, 2019

Do you ever sit back and contemplate why people find things entertaining? For instance, enough of an audience devotes an hour of their time every week to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashians’ lives, allowing...

Gender equality still too far away

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor October 11, 2019

We live in the age of positive body image and female empowerment, where we embrace curves and carry ourselves with the utmost confidence. This culture we call our own is progressive, yet many still fight...

E-cigarettes: an inventive way to get more addicted

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor October 3, 2019

There are always trends that come out of nowhere, that take the nation — if not the world — by storm. Back in the early 2000s when Heelys, the questionably “stylish” tennis shoes with wheels in...

All levels of student-athletes ignored by the NCAA

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 26, 2019

One of the most hot-button issues in all of collegiate sports right now is whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their efforts. This conversation usually hones in on top-notch Division...

The inevitable end to the Roethlisberger era

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 26, 2019

There is a very dark cloud looming over the heads of Pittsburgh sports fans, and just when you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel with football season starting up again, marking the soon-to-be...

Mainstream TV tries to take on tough topics

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 19, 2019

Warning: Plotlines of the TV shows featured in this article include suicide and sexually aggressive crimes. Reader discretion is advised.  There are a million little things I love about “13 Reasons...

Plan early, invest in the future now

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 12, 2019

Picture this: the year is 2050, and you’re surrounded with grandchildren. You’re the “cool grandparent,” though. The one who slides money under the table to their grandchildren when the parents...

Friendship: a season, a reason or a lifetime

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 5, 2019

Throughout life you will cross paths with thousands of people, some of whom will be strangers you may never see again after that first instance, others may come for a moment and leave the next but, if...

Worry about your future, don’t rush back to play

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor September 5, 2019

Football is a game filled with aggression, violence and a whole lot of testosterone. There rarely is a game of football played on any level — high school, college or professional — where someone doesn’t...

Embracing and transforming with the college struggle

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor August 30, 2019

With  another semester of college just beginning, I’ve seen anxious but excited new faces fill Baldwin Hall, each person looking forward to the next four years. When you’re a first-year, many tears...

Make Americans understanding again

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor August 30, 2019

With tension within U.S. politics boiling over, a controversial president tweeting out messages by the minute and dozens of democratic candidates throwing each other under the bus every day, the mainstream...

A letter to heaven

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor August 23, 2019

Everyone has a role model. It could be a friend, a family member or even a celebrity, but everyone has someone they look up to. My role model passed away on Sept. 17, 2018, and since then everything has...

Champions deserve compensation, USWNT continues to fight battle

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor August 23, 2019

This summer in France, at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team held the world on notice as they brought home their fourth World Cup title in the heat of the Equal Pay for...

USWNT is compensated by an unlikely suitor

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor April 26, 2019

In the realm of athletics, income is usually based on the amount of revenue one’s team brings in per year. Common sense would tell you that the earnings per player on a World Cup-winning soccer team...

Success is earned, not bought

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor April 20, 2019

During their senior year, millions of high schoolers apply to colleges and universities and nervously wait months to see if they will be granted admission into the school of their dreams. Imagine if the...

High stakes, high pressure — that is collegiate sports

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor April 8, 2019

You know a college athlete when you see one. They are the ones who get excused absences from classes, get tons of free gear and are pretty much the only students on campus comfortable enough to sit through...

There is winning and losing; No in-between

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor March 2, 2019

Competition: The act of competition; rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc. A contest for some prize, honor or advantage. Growing up, I was constantly involved in some sort of athletic sport. Whether it...

Sometimes happily ever after takes more than 90 minutes

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor February 21, 2019

Every week, we anxiously await our favorite reality television shows such as “The Bachelor,” “Temptation Island” and “Married at First Sight,” anticipating the endless amounts of love, heartbreak...

Millennials are stuck with a stereotype they do not deserve

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor February 14, 2019

If you were born roughly between 1980 and 2000, you may be considered selfish, lazy, entitled, egotistical and pretentious. How does that make you feel? I am pretty offended by those assumptions. Millennials...

Do not settle for virtual reality; live in the real world

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor February 7, 2019

8 a.m. Your alarm sounds. You roll over in bed and the first thing you do is check your Instagram feed. You scroll through hundreds of photos of people you may not even know directly, but somehow find...

The difference between collegiate and professional athletes

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor January 31, 2019

The National Collegiate Athletic Association cleared $1 billion in revenue in 2017, and the student-athletes who risk their bodies for injury every day never see a penny of it, causing one of the biggest...

Using writing as a way to cope with feelings, loss

Taylor Renk, Opinion Editor January 24, 2019

On Sep. 17, 2018,  I was abruptly woken up by a phone call that shattered my world in a split second. I can still hear the tone in my dad’s voice when he told me my grandpa had passed away. For the...

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