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Social Justice Corner: rethinking perspective

Nia Burnett March 5, 2015

When walking into a classroom, do you see faces that look like yours? Or do you interact with people on the daily basis that come from a very similar background as you do? Do you have conversations with...

Social Justice Corner: the cultural causes and implications of microaggressions

Nia Burnett, Contributing Writer February 19, 2015

We have all heard them at some point. Those backhanded “compliments” intended to make you feel better about yourself but does the complete opposite. It happens on small daily occurrences. They jump...

Social Justice Corner: The politics of respectability

Nia Burnett, Contributing Writer February 12, 2015

If you have basic access to social media, a television or a news station, you have probably heard of all the tense situations occurring across the country. Police brutality against people of color, specifically...

Diversity Initiatives Committee kicks off Social Justice Corner to spark discussion

Nia Burnett, Contributing Writer October 30, 2014

Hello reader, welcome to the SoJo Corner, bought to you by ASG’s Diversity Initiatives Committee and The Campus. The Social Justice Corner, or SoJo Corner, is a bi-weekly print and online column that...

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