Just the Tips: Dorm Etiquette

The do’s and don’t of doing it when in dorms


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Hey, folks! ReproCo here to welcome you all to a beautiful new school year in the good ol’ Mead! Soon this sweltering weather will be endless inches of snow and you lovely first years may not have gotten your snow boots in yet, but hey – at least the Loop goes to McDonald’s now.

Just the Tips will come to you every week from yours truly, and we are Allegheny’s Reproductive Health Coalition. We strive to promote sex positivity, comprehensive sex education, and all the ins and outs (pun intended) of enthusiastic consent, among other wonderful sexy things!

All of these things are important to practice and discuss because they allow us to enjoy a happy, safe and healthy sexually active campus.

Now, allow us to leave you with some parting advice about dorm sex etiquette.

For some of you, this may be old news, but for the first years this is some valuable stuff we’re delving into.

First of all, check with your roommate(s) and develop a game plan to handle this type of situation. Always make sure your roommates are comfortable with sex happening in their living space. If they do have a problem, then take the sexy time over to your partner’s, or come to a rational agreement with your roommate.

Be sure to let your roommate know when/if you need the room to yourself and to be even kinder, give them a time frame so they know when they should be un-sexiled. Communication is key, just as it is in any type of relationship.

Most importantly, be respectful. If your roommate allows you to use the room for sex, keep it to your side of the room. You may think you’re cool and “dirty” for having sex in your roommate’s bed, but you’re not. You just kind of suck.

If you really want a new location to spice up the deed then there are multitudes of other areas besides someone else’s bed.

Clean up after yourself too. Try not to leave too much evidence of what went on while your roommate was gone. You share the space, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to walk into your room after a long day to used condoms and mysterious fluids everywhere.

So overall, when it comes to dorm room sex, communicate with your roommate, establish a clear process that you go through for negotiation of the room, keep it clean and be respectful of each other!

If you would like to be apart of our sexy family, head on over to the Campus Center room  206 on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. We are all inclusive and totally welcoming!