Capital Projects add new additions to campus

Sam Stephenson, News Editor

Oct. 25, 2013

Three main Capital projects are currently underway and under discussion in the Finance and Facilities Committee, including a remodel of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house, the Guest House Project and the Bicentennial Plaza.

The committee meets every Wednesday in the Campus Center to discuss and determine general financial and facilities planning policy for the college as well as to serve as a liaison between the staff, faculty and administration in relation to financial matters.

Delta Tau Delta

The Delta Tau Delta house is a college-owned fraternity house. For a number of years, the college administration has met with a group of Delta Tau Delta alumni to discuss renovations to the house. Originally, the fraternity planned to raise $2.6 million to renovate existing rooms and for a large addition to the house. However, fundraising was not as successful and the goal was lowered to $2 million. Currently, a total of $650,000 has been raised in cash and outstanding pledges. The fraternity asked for a $1.2 million loan to be repaid over a 30-year period.

The college responded with a suggestion of a $500,000 loan to be repaid over a 15 year period. It is college policy that 75 percent of the cash must be on hand before building can begin.

The Guest House Project

The Guest House project is a proposed location where the college can provide a space for distinguished guests and speakers, visiting trustees and candidates for job openings. It will also be used as a social space for year-round campus use. Currently, a house on College Street is the proposed location, though a house on Loomis Street was the original location. The location changed because a house was bought by the college near the library that has been deemed more suitable.

When the house is finished, it will have four bedrooms with private bathrooms, a reading room, a large room for social gatherings on the first floor and a small kitchen. The project is being funded by donors who are giving to the project as well as giving to other campaign goals.

Bicentennial Plaza

The Bicentennial Plaza will be located in front of Schultz Hall. It is being planned for the spring of 2014 and finished by the fall. It will encompass a permanent structure to be used for functions year round. The Class of 2015, the college’s bicentennial class, will graduate from the plaza. Risers will replace the stage that is built every year for graduation. The project is being funded by donor funds and money from fiscal year 2014.