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Beyoncé’s half-time comes out ‘on top’

After a fairly boring and one-sided first half of the 2013 Super Bowl, Beyoncé Knowles came out and performed a great, well-put together halftime show that people are still talking about almost a week later. A performance including incredible special effects, a Destiny’s Child reunion, and Beyoncé dancing in a sexy leather outfit and four-inch heels is bound to be a great show.

For those of you who watched the game, the first half of the game was quite boring and many of us were asking whether or not the game would just be a blow out. So, a Beyoncé halftime show definitely added at least some excitement.

Though this year’s performance was extremely commercialized, as they all are with big name superstars sponsored by big labels like Pepsi, AOL, AT&T and Sprint, Beyoncé’s booming yet elegant voice, her ability to dance in high heels, and a Destiny’s Child reunion made this halftime show worth watching again.

Recently, Beyoncé came under a lot of heat for lip syncing the National Anthem at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.
For her Super Bowl press conference, the first thing Beyonce did was sing The National Anthem a cappella before admitting that she had in fact lip synched at the inauguration.

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“I am a perfectionist. I practice till my feet bleed. I didn’t have time to practice with the orchestra,” Beyoncé said to the press. “So due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking the risk.”
Beyoncé opened her performance surrounded by fire and belting the chorus to “Love on Top,” immediately silencing anyone who thought she didn’t have it in her.

Many Beyonce activists voiced online that it didn’t really matter that the performance wasn’t live simply because it is a normal part of pop-culture today.

Award winning writer Tricia Romano wrote a piece following the Inauguration simply titled, “So What if Beyonce lip synched the Star Bangled Banner” where she talks about how normal it is to lip synch today in live venues like the inauguration because of live weather conditions, freezing temperatures etc.

But when it came to the performance itself, the only real criticisms were questions of why she chose some songs over others, her set list included her hits “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies” feat. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, and she closed with her hit “Halo,” a song that has over 150 million hits on YouTube alone.

Beyoncé is known for being an iconic strong and independent woman and a role model for young girls everywhere, including President Barack Obama who said Beyonce is a great role model for his two young girls.

Being the wife of famous rapper Jay-Z and a new mother, Beyoncé rocked the stage this past Sunday. Her performance can be seen as rather risque with Beyonce showing a lot of skin dancing in arguably sexual explicit ways at times.

I wouldn’t say those people are necessarily wrong at saying that, but I would say that they are not looking at the big picture and simply looking for something to criticize.

Beyonce featured a 10-person, all-female band that played great music and Beyonce did what she claimed she was born to do: entertain.

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