Baldwin bathrooms flood


Contributing Writer

In a problem unrelated to hurricane Sandy, the B3 men’s restroom in Baldwin Hall has been flooding on and off for the past two weeks, a setback which has been problematic for the residents in both B3 and A3 halls.
“At first it was just a leak, and then there was something wrong with the first shower, now all of a sudden the whole bathroom floor is covered with water,” said Baldwin resident Oreill Henry, ‘16.
According to residents of both halls the bathroom had been having minor problems but nothing of this degree. Students stated that at one point, there were only two working showers for the 23 male residents in both halls.
Some students who reside in these halls suspected there was something wrong with the bathroom toilets.
“I feel dirtier walking out of the shower than I do walking in,” said another Baldwin resident, Joe D’Amato, ‘16.
Baldwin RA Lee Scandinaro, ‘14, said that maintenance was working hard to fix the problem and that the Physical Plant responded quickly once the order was put in.
“The first order that came in was for a flooded toilet on Oct. 22,” said Brian Gilleppe, assistant director of Physical Plant.
Another call came in for water all over the bathroom floor. Physical Plant found that the problem was slow draining from the shower drain.
“I’d like to not have to swim from the door to the shower when I walk in the bathroom,” said resident Tyler Nuzzo, ‘16.
According to the Physical Plant, the problme is now resolved.