Egyptian revolutionary fills Ford Chapel

“It’s time for all the dictators in the world to go away. Now is an age of youth, an age of change,” said Dalia Ziada to a packed Ford Chapel Thursday night.
Ziada is an Egyptian revolutionary, a women’s rights activist, a blogger, a writer, a poet and the director of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, one of the oldet human rights organizations in the Arab world.
Ziada just arrived from Washington, D.C., where she spoke to lawmakers about the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Aside from her stop at Tufts University, her alma mater, Allegheny is the only college Ziada is visiting during her short stay in the United States.
Ziada emphasized the fact that the Egyptian revolution is far from over. “You Americans, everyone in the world, should keep an eye on what’s happening. The fight’s not over yet,” she told the crowd.
“She’s honestly one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met,” said Ankita Channarasappa, ‘14. “She’s only 30 and she’s accomplished so much.”
Photos by Caitie McMekin
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