ASG announces 2012-2013 election winners

Allegheny Student Government elected a bevy of new class senators this week, furthering its transition into the new academic year.

Bryan Weisgal, ’14, retired from baseball last spring and decided to run for a student government on a whim.

“It was kind of a spur of the moment thing,” Weisgal said. “I thought it would be a good time to get more involved on campus, and a good start would be seeing how the student government works.”

Weisgal said he planned to prioritize student life, public relations, and the culture on campus.

“I think there are more people who are more cognizant of going green, but I think I’m going to sit that one out,” he said.

Jim Dieterle, ’13, ran for office to advocate on behalf of student group he feels need more financial support.

“If you look at ASG, you see who’s in what clubs, and you see how the money is allotted, and it’s just interesting, because obviously most people are in it for the right reasons and they’re fair about it, but I would like to investigate if that’s always the case,” Dieterle said.

Dieterle pointed out the lack of coaches overseeing sports teams. The rowing team currently trains without a coach, while women and men’s rugby hired part-time coaches only last year. Dieterle plans to raise awareness of certain clubs’ plights as they scrape by.

“There are some clubs that could become great, but they don’t have the resources,” said Dieterle.

Michael Hebditch, ’14, recently assumed vice presidency of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, but deciced to pursue an ASG senate seat to broaden his perspective.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’m already doing something in that vein. Maybe I’ll do it for the school and for the larger community,’” Hebditch said. “I really like my organization, but it’s a bit insular compared to the whole college campus.”

Despite his many obligations, Hebditch planned to put forth a wholehearted effort into being an effective ASG senator.

“I’m trying to be as organized as possible to make sure everything fits,” he said. “I do think I have enough free time to think I can be doing it and not running around like crazy.”

Elected senators also included members of the ’16 first year class: Nick Schake, Miguel Liriano, Tim Dikec, Brogan McGowan, Joseph Bianco, Marisa McKnight, Jake Ballinger, Rose So, Matt Fitzgerald and Daniela Cuellar.