8-hour projects

Students and local artists collaborate as part of an annual event celebrating the Year of Transforming Education.

Artist Eric Stern of Pittsburgh works on his untitled abstract piece at Allegheny College's annual 8 Hour Art Project exhibit on Saturday, September 2nd, 2012. The text-based piece involved Stern painting several words on top of each other in different shades & text stylings. CODY MILLER/THE CAMPUS
Artist Katherine Mann of Washington D.C. places some finishing touches on her abstract piece, 'Untitled' during Allegheny College's annual 8 Hour Projects on Saturday, September 2nd, 2012. The piece by nailing several pieces of cardstock paper doused in various shades of acrylic paint. CODY MILLER/THE CAMPUS
Alison Abramowitz, ‘14, helps Ian Finch, from Pittsburgh, work on his piece, Bonus. The exhibit was curated by gallery director Darren Lee Miller. CODY MILLER/THE CAMPUS
The finalized re-endition of 'APE' by Kenneth Batista, Associate Professor of Studio Art at the University of Pittsburgh. CODY MILLER/THE CAMPUS