Springfest calmer than usual, Security says

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Springfest’s reputation as Allegheny’s biggest weekend of partying prompted increased preparation from Safety and Security and local police, but this year’s festivities occurred with fewer reported incidents than past years.

According to Director of Safety and Security Jeff Schneider, there were about 10 incidents requiring write-ups, a number lower than recent Springfests.

“It was quiet compared to other years,” said director of Safety and Security Jeff Schneider. “There were no neighbor complaints, anything that happened was initiated by officers monitoring the area.”

Some of the notable incidents included a plant stolen from the campus center, marijuana found in a dorm room and two people were taken to the medical center with one of those persons taken in police custody, Schneider said.

Loomis Street parties were broken up multiple times Friday by local authorities, Schneider said. The local police and Safety and Secutiy did more monitoring than breaking up parties.

According to Meadville City Police chief David Stefanucci, weekends like Springfest tend to turn out one of two ways.

“One is when we have to raid large parties because students don’t know how to listen to warnings. The other is when everyone listens and they have common sense,” Stefanucci said. “This year everyone listened.”

Though students used common sense to be safe this past weekend, 3 arrests were made, and police responded to roughly seven seven calls on campus, Stefanucci said.

“No one’s smart during Springfest, obviously there’s a lot of underage drinking,” said Taylor Endress, ’14. “At Loomis Fest the party got broken up almost three times and people were being as respectful as they could be in that situation.”

With that said, this year was much more controlled and organized than last year, Endress said.

“Compared to last year, I didn’t notice anything that was a big deal,” Endress said. “I remember the seniors last year were much more rowdy, and this year at Loomis Fest the seniors had under twenty one bracelets which was probably the best way for them to avoid underage drinking in a party situation.”