Pursuit of suspect called off

Reporting contributed by Charlie Magovern and Chelsea Fleischman.

Pursuit of a suspect that drove Allegheny College into a lockdown has been called off, according to Meadville Police.

Keith Green, classified as armed and dangerous, remains at large. Meadville Police plan to continue the search tomorrow.

A City of Meadville police officer rests his gun at Greendale Cemetery. The police surrounded the ravine at the cemetery but could not find Green. CHARLIE MAGOVERN/THE CAMPUS

police were spotted on Loomis Street, where the suspect apparently kicked in the door to a residence.

Senior Andrew Jockers, who lives at the residence, received a call from the Meadville Police while eating lunch urging him not to return home.

“Someone spotted the gunman walking through our yard,” said Jockers. “We got a call from the Meadville police that he had kicked in the back door and that we shouldn’t go home.”

Reports indicate that Green left Loomis and headed towards Allegheny Commons.

Police congregated near Greendale Cemetery soon after, but found no trace of Green before calling off the search for the day.