BREAKING: Police pursue shooting suspect on campus

Reporting contributed by Charlie Magovern and Chelsea Fleischman.

Updated at 1:05 pm to reflect details on suspect.

Updated at 1:11 pm to reflect the fact that state police are involved.

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Updated at 1:49 pm to include info on current location of gunman
Updated at 2:04 pm: police set up near Rt. 77, not Rt. 27.

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Updated at 3:15 pm to include latest comments from Security.

Updated at 4:11 pm to correct initial reports that suspect is armed. He is classified as armed and dangerous, but no weapon has been confirmed.

Police are still in pursuit of an armed and dangerous suspect in the vicinity of the college.

As of 1:50 pm, police were congregated near Greendale Cemetery by Rt. 77.

Our reporter is the blue dot. The space between him and Rt. 77 is surrounded by police.

An email sent by Safety and Security around noon warned students to stay indoors while the pursuit was in progress.

Another email sent by Safety and Security at 3:00 pm stated that the pursuit had shifted off-campus and allowed students to head back to their residences, but mentioned that facilities would be locked and students should stay indoors overnight.

Safety and Security said they had “no affiliation” with the search as they do not carry weapons.

Pennsylvania state police cars are also on campus, as well as a state police helicopter.

The incident is officially in the jurisdiction of the City of Meadville police department. State troopers have been called to provide assistance.

The suspect is Keith Green. Police were serving a warrant for a shooting in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The warrant was for a shooting and for drug possession. Here is a photo of the suspect:

Green has been arrested before in Ohio.

Security and the Meadville Police are thus far refusing to comment, but multiple sources say that police were spotted on Loomis Street, where the suspect apparently kicked in the door to a residence.

Senior Andrew Jockers, who lives at the residence, received a call from the Meadville Police while eating lunch urging him not to return home.

“Someone spotted the gunman walking through our yard,” said Jockers. “We got a call from the Meadville police that he had kicked in the back door and that we shouldn’t go home.”

Reports indicate that Green left Loomis and headed towards Allegheny Commons.

As of 1:05 pm, police had towed Green’s car but had not caught him.

Administrators are currently meeting to deal with the situation, but no details have been released.

More info to come, but here are some pictures from Loomis from Beau Moran.