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    CommonsenceApr 16, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Its about time that there is action taken by the administration which actually has the effect of punishing students.  People often forget that the consumption of alcohol underage is illegal and the college should at least (I mean a minimum) uphold federal and state regulations whatever they be.    Any student attending a seminar or sporting event does so under the jurisdiction and auspices of the college. Of course they should be held responsible for all actions while attending college sponsored activities  (think about it, what is the first institution likely to get sued when a student dies from alcohol abuse while on a college sanctioned trip… uh Allegheny of course).   Lets face it, most of these policies were made fairly visible to people when they came to Allegheny, if you read everything you sign most of these things are right there in black and white.  It is because we live in an increasingly litigious society that the fine print must be expanded and elaborated upon.  If you abide by the law and use commonsense, everything will be just fine.

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