Gund/Cordell win ASG election

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New ASG Vice President Sydney Cordell, '14, and President Tyler Gund, '13, participated in the presidential debate Tuesday night with former presidential and vice presidential candidates Charlie Watkins, '13, and Mike Waine, '14, respectively. CODY MILLER/THE CAMPUS
Tyler Gund, ’13, and Sydney Cordell, ’14, won this week’s election for Allegheny Student Government president and vice president.

“It’s awesome,” said Gund. “I’ve walked around beaming a lot.”

In total, 574 students voted, including write-in votes for “Scrambles the Death Dealer” and “Loaf of Bread.”

The total votes represented only 27 percent of the student body.

Gund and Cordell still have to appoint people to their cabinet. The two hope to reach outside of ASG for potential candidates.

“I don’t think senator is necessarily a stepping stone to a cabinet position,” said Gund. “You can come from other walks of life on campus.”

Cordell noted that any position will be open.

“Some people might get their positions back,” she said. “But we’re re-interviewing everybody.”

The pair hopes to have a cabinet approved before Spring Break. There are 16 cabinet members, and at least eight members of the cabinet will either graduate or move to other positions at the end of the year.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Cordell.