Self-reported involvement transcript open to students

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The student involvement transcript on WebAdvisor, created for student use, is still unknown to some students.

Although students can update their student involvement transcript, which is listed as “Campus organization membership” on the main page of their WebAdvisor account, students such as Keiron Stoddart, ’13, didn’t know what the student involvement transcript was and had never filled it out before.

“I had no idea that existed,” said the ASG President. “I’d guess it’s to keep tabs of what you do on this campus when it comes to résumés.”

The transcript is a list of all clubs and organizations on campus where students can check off activities they are involved in, and then choose from a drop down menu if they have a leadership position.

Regardless of its purpose, Max Lindquist, ’14, said he was aware of this option but doesn’t plan to use it.

“I don’t see the point,” he said. “If I’m already in an organization and they don’t tell me to sign up on there, it’s just not that big of a priority. I’ll probably forget about it when I leave.”

The transcript serves as a tool for students to keep track of résumé-building activities and corresponding leadership positions, according to Gretchen Symons, director of student involvement.

This unofficial involvement transcript is never published and is only self-reported.

“It’s the honor code,” Symons said. “We leave it up to students to say what they are involved in.”

Genevieve Johnson, ’13, who has filled out the form, explained her criteria for checking a club on the list.

“To me, it means I attend meetings regularly and that I’m active in participating within the club,” she said.

Symons works with Rich Metzger, director of administrative information services, to compile the list each year.

“It helps let us know what students are interested in, what they’re doing and how they’re involved on campus, how many students say they’re involved on
campus,” Symons said.

While the transcript is a way for the college to collect data about what students are doing, it’s main purpose is for students.

“[The transcript] was for student benefit, not institutional,” Symons said.

The Office of Student Involvement never determined the percentage of students who utilized the transcript, but they recently received a request to begin collecting such data in the future.