ASG cuts Winterfest

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Allegheny Student Government canceled Winterfest plans this year in order to put more focus on the major concert, according to ASG Chief of Staff John Hecht, ’13.

For the last two years, the event occurred within the first few weeks of the semester. Hecht explained that since the major concert is scheduled early in the semester, ASG opted late fall semester not to hold Winterfest.

“If we were to do that and Mac Miller at the same time, it would have been too difficult,” he said.

All six members who would have been in charge of planning Winterfest are involved in the planning for Mac Miller. They didn’t want to stretch themselves too thin, Hecht said.

In past years, Winterfest has been like a smaller scale Homecoming or Springfest, involving laser tag and other games in the Wise Center, along with activities and food in the Campus Center, said ASG Co-Director of Concerts and Special Events Alina Meltaus, ’12.

Meltaus’ counterpart, Kyle Trogstad-Isaacson, ’13, said all the money that could have been spent on Winterfest is now going toward Springfest.
Winterfest cost less than $1,000 last year, according to ASG Treasurer Chris Daczkowski. He explained that the Winterfest money would have come out of the concerts and special events fund, which also funds Homecoming, Springfest, and the major event.

Daczkowski said he could see this event being a larger scaled event if it was something the student body was more interested in. Meltaus agreed, saying the event is not on the same level as Springfest.

Senior Christian Plourd said he did not know what Winterfest was.

“If it was advertised better, I might have gone,” he said.

Although Winterfest will not happen this year, Trogstad-Isaacson still sees a future for the event.

“I don’t want to make this a habit of skipping Winterfest,” he said.