New athletic director Hoeg brings strong DIII background

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In the life of Allegheny’s new athletic director, Portia Hoeg, sports play a significant role. A former basketball player at Trinity University in her home state of Texas, Hoeg places a high value on Division III athletics and the student athlete experience.

Hoeg began her career at Smith College, where she worked in various areas at the college including the Athletic Department and Residence Life. Believing she had gained a full idea of the student experience, Hoeg took her knowledge to Vassar where, in her position as interim assistant of athletics she focused on compliance issues, transportation and scheduling.

Hoeg’s most recent position was at Lake Forest College as the associate director of athletics in the competitive Midwest region. Hoeg believes that her experiences at these schools have improved her abilities to succeed here at Allegheny.

“My experiences at those three institutions and my background as a student athlete have prepared me to be an athletic director and that will impact my work with Allegheny College,” said Hoeg.

During her time as a Tiger at Trinity, Hoeg was able to truly learn and understand the experience of a student-athlete, which she believes helps her to be a better athletic director who is able to build solid relationships with the students she interacts with.

“I think that I understand the plight of a student athlete,” Hoeg said. “There’s a lot of pressure. You want to give your all to your sport but at the same time you’re trying to get a quality degree. Having been through that myself, I definitely can relate with how they must take their academics really seriously yet put a lot of time into their athletic career.”

Beginning her career at the Division III level, Hoeg has remained within Division III athletics, believing that the athletes at that level are something different.

“I’ve only worked at the Division III level and for me, there’s a genuine feeling in playing the sport,” Hoeg said. “I’ve dealt with Division I transfers and I’ve talked to Division II athletes and Division III athletes truly have a passion for their sport that I feel is unmatched by any other division.”

In addition to the love of the game that Hoeg believes pervades Division III athletics, Hoeg also acknowledged the ability for its athletes to explore other interests.

“They are able to pursue the sport that they love, they can get a great degree and they still can be involved in other facets of the campus: sororities, fraternities, student government and theatre,” Hoeg said.

Hoeg expresses pride in the business that has consumed the last ten years of her life.

“Not only is [Division III] the biggest, but I also believe we’re the best,” Hoeg said.

In the field of Division III athletics, Hoeg has received numerous accolades. In 2008, Hoeg was the first to receive the National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators Emerging Athletic Administrator award.

“It was really impactful to me because it was an award that was given to an administrator that they believe is up and coming and someone who they feel is going to make an impact in Division III athletics,” Hoeg said. “To be the first person to receive that and know that my peers thought of me and that I would make a great candidate for that award, I was really appreciative of that.”

Hoeg is prepared for her journey to Meadville, and looks forward to bringing her experience to Allegheny.

“I’m just looking forward to being on campus and not only being a part of the athletic program, but also being a part of the campus as a whole,” Hoeg said. “I want to attend lectures and get to know the student body outside of athletics as well as the student athlete population.”

As for her goals for her time at Allegheny, Hoeg said her mission is simple.

“When you take a position such as this, you want to leave a place better than you found it,” Hoeg said. “That’s going to be my goal coming into it.”