DISCUSSION: Health Center gives RA’s condoms

News Editor
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Last week’s article “Health Center to bring Family Planning” was missing factual information regarding visits to the Winslow Health Center.

“From talking to others, it seems people didn’t feel comfortable to even go into the health center to buy condoms, people didn’t feel comfortable going to the health center to talk about reproductive health care,” said Gena Frank, ’13, president of ReproCo, as quoted in the article.

Twenty-five percent of visits to the health center are related to reproductive health care, according to Sue Plunkett, director of the Winslow Health Center. Plunkett mentioned the multiple ways students can receive condoms.

“We give a lot to RAs and they distribute them for free,” she said. “People are either more comfortable buying them here or people can buy them at CVS. But you still have to ask somebody for them.”

Plunkett cited the health center’s website for a full list of services they provide.