MEC expects ‘good turnout’ for concert

News Co-editor
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When the Major Events Committee announced the major concert results in December, students had mixed reactions on winning local artist Mac Miller and questioned both the clarity and selection process of the survey.

Since student tickets first went on sale on Monday, 373 tickets have been sold, according to MEC officials.

Co-Director of the MEC Natalie Curtis, ’12, said that she expects a good turnout, especially because so many students are from the Pittsburgh area.

“I expect it to be a fairly good crowd mixture of students and their friends,” she said. “I think more than Third Eye Blind there will be some more of a mixture of other students from other schools, especially since Thiel ended up not getting Mac Miller.”

Curtis said that part of the reason that the bid process took longer than expected was because nearby Thiel College also requested a concert date with Miller. For reasons unknown to her, the school is not on the artist’s upcoming tour list.

Clemson University, Penn State University, Indiana University, and George Mason University are on the list of schools he will visit, according to his Web site. Miller will also perform at the annual three-day New Jersey Bamboozle Festival in May.

“I think that speaks volumes that there’s other schools that are wanting to have him as well,” she said. “I know there was a lot of students that didn’t really know who he was, including myself, but I think that for where he’s going in his career, it is going to be a successful concert.”

Tyler Martin, ’13, was among the students that had never heard of Miller and previously told The Campus that she was “on the fence” about him. Since then, she had an opportunity to hear some of his music.

“I did look at some of his videos, they were just a little elementary for me,” she said. “I think I’m still going to go though, I’m open minded.”

In the same video, Kara Cusimano, ’13, said that she had never heard of Miller. Since that interview, she said she hasn’t listened to any of his music, nor does she plan on going to the concert.

Miller will perform on February 17 with opening act DJ Enferno, and according to Curtis, is guaranteed at least an hour of stage time.