FIJI to recolonize this fall

Features Co-editor
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After the Board of Trustees voted to approve FIJI’s recolonization over Fall Break, plans to found the chapter moved slowly forward as its momentum built. Although students planned to start the chapter this spring, a recent increase of new FIJI colonies has strained the national chapter’s finances and stalled recolonization on campus.

“I’ve had a lot more people come up to me expressing their interest to join of lately,” said the head of the FIJI interest group, Chase Stelzer, ’12, in an e-mail.

Marc Hamerski, ’14, part of a group of four underclassmen interested in spearheading FIJI recolonization in the fall, already feels as though he belongs to a new part of the Greek community.

“We’re interested in creating another option for people interested in Greek life for people who maybe necessarily didn’t feel like they were comfortable in the existing chapters here on campus,” Hamerski said.

Stelzer, who is graduating this spring, plans to remain in contact with his future fraternity brothers.

“I will be sharing all the experience and knowledge I have,” Stelzer said in an e-mail. “This way after I leave there are people on the ground that have been through it all.”