Whole Darn Thing reopens

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Zach Restelli, ’14 and Michael Young, ’12 enjoyed eating subs at the Whole Darn Thing during its reopening yesterday. RACHEL GIESEL/THE CAMPUS.

The Whole Darn Thing Sub Shop reopened yesterday in its new building, nearly nine months after an apartment fire destroyed the business last February.

Co-owner Mark Jordan said the flow of customers was consistent throughout the day.

“It’s about as busy as I expected and it really hasn’t stopped all day either,” Jordan said. “It’s been pretty steady.”

Allegheny student Zach Restelli, ’14, said he has been eagerly awaiting the reopening. He attended with Michael Young, ’12.

“This is seriously the best sub, like the most amazing food I’ve ever had in my life,” Restelli said. “I’m a Whole Darn Thing connoisseur. You know, even like eating in places like Pittsburgh and New York –nothing beats this.”

Co-owner Chris Jordan said she was delighted to see a large volume of faithful customers return.

“Everybody seems to be real happy and pleased with the way it looks and turned out,” Jordan said. “That’s been the biggest gratification – just looking and seeing a lot of the majority of the old customers back and new ones that haven’t been here before.”

She added that she liked seeing the Allegheny students come in, and expects more to come soon. Both Restelli and Young said they would be returning shortly.

“I’ll be back soon,” Young said. “Tomorrow.”

Whole Darn also created a new Web site that should better accommodate group orders, said Chris Jordan.  Customers can download menus and order forms from the site, which they can then use to fax in their sub orders.

“The website has everything,” Chris Jordan said. “If [people are] really unfamiliar with us they can just go to that and see what they want to have to make it a little bit easier for everybody in general.”

For more information, visit www.thewholedarnthing.com.

Updated at 3:20 p.m. Wednesday to include a quote from Chris Jordan about the Whole Darn Web site.