Alcohol citations drop


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Drinking violations have decreased 150% over the past three academic years, according to a report from Safety and Security.

Violations dropped from 237 in 2008 to 90 in 2010.

The number of violations is lower than average for comparable colleges.

Kenyon College, a nearby school with 1,600 students, reported 270 violations in 2009.
Allegheny, with about 2,000 students, had 116 violations.

Director of Safety and Security Jeff Schneider said his office records all incidents that involve alcohol as alcohol violations, from drinking in rooms to physical fights that take place under the influence.

“A majority of the kids who get caught are good kids,” Schneider said. “Some just know where to draw the line and some don’t.”

Cale Davis, ‘13, a resident advisor at Walker, couldn’t pinpoint a specific cause for the decrease.

“Maybe there’s some awareness spreading,” said Davis. “There’s no reason that couldn’t be happening.”

Davis said residence life isn’t primarily focused on writing people up for drinking.

“We’re not trying to punish people for being responsible with alcohol,” said Davis. “The main thing is safety.”

Director of Student Involvement Gretchen Symons suggested that the decrease may be due to the increased participation in the Late Night programs offered on Friday and Saturday nights.

OSI plans Late Night events as alternatives to the weekend party scene.

Cory Muscara, ’12, president of the Interfraternity Council, said he believes that the risks of drinking are more publicized than they previously were.

“People are beginning to speak out, whether it be against discrimination or drinking,” Muscara said. “Awareness has certainly increased.”