New ASG vice president named


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The Allegheny Student Government senate voted Kami Forgie, ‘12 as the new vice president at Tuesday night’s senate meeting.  The decision came three weeks after former vice president Morgan Schrankel, ‘13, resigned.
Forgie was formerly the finance controller for the ASG Finance Committee. According to Stoddart, in addition to her new executive duties, she will continue to fulfill her financial responsibilities until a new ASG member fills her previous position.
Former Vice President Schrankel was not surprised that Forgie was elected.
“I know that there was a committee working to appoint the next vice president and given her previous experience, I trusted that the committee would make an excellent choice,” Schrankel said.
She felt Forgie’s former role well prepared her for the new position.
“The vice president has to contact a lot of people, something she had to do in her previous role,” she said. “She also has a great presence and represents the organization well.”
Stoddart said that after Schrankel’s resignation, he wanted to be sure that he was careful in appointing a new person for the role.
“I wasn’t about to throw a dart at a list of names and then pick whoever that dart landed on,” he said.
Stoddart and the cabinet formed a subcommittee to choose a nominee for vice president.
According to Stoddart, the subcommittee was comprised of himself, three cabinet members and three general senators. He said they ultimately decided to use an application-and interview-based process, open to any current cabinet members and senators.
Interested ASG members had until Saturday, Oct. 1 to submit their applications, and interviews were conducted the following week.
“It was last Sunday we came up with our nomination,” Stoddart said. “We let Kami know that we had nominated her for the position and then on Tuesday it came forward to the senate.”
Stoddart said the subcommittee took more than one hour to deliberate and decide upon a nomination, but that in the end, they were all comfortable with their selection.
“We were all behind it.  It wasn’t like any one person was strongly against Kami being the vice president or anything like that,” he said.  “At the same time it was tough in the sense that there were a lot of great candidates.”
Forgie could not be reached for comment.