ASG to discuss proactive strategic plan

As the Allegheny Student Government makes the transition to the 2011-2012 school year, the organization is laying the groundwork to pursue more long-term goals by creating a three-year strategic plan.
“Every year, the transition from the old administration to the new administration is pretty rocky because people have different goals,” said vice president Morgan Schrankel, ’13. “This is a way that from year-to-year ASG can be more continuous.”
The strategic plan is still in the planning stages and likely won’t be completed until the end of the fall semester.
ASG discussed major themes for the plan at a recent summit.
Members of ASG, as well as attendees of the Collegiate Leadership Conference and members of Greek life shared ideas at the two day event.
While the plan is far from finished, the summit helped ASG flesh out exactly what they want to accomplish over the next three years.
“We came up with a lot of ‘what’ goals,” said president Keiron Stoddart, ’13. “How to accomplish these goals is still something that’s left to be discussed.”
The themes include increased accountability, better collaboration with the campus community, improvement of ASG’s image and incorporation of ASG’s plan into the college’s official strategic plan.
In general, the plan calls for ASG to be more proactive in addressing student concerns and be more accessible to individual students.
“Active governance is coming!” tweeted Alina Meltaus, ’12, director of concerts and special events, during the summit.
For Meltaus, the plan is a way to take stock of where ASG is now while looking forward.
“It’s a document that takes into consideration where ASG is now and where we want it to be in three years,” she said.
According to Stoddart, the nuts and bolts of the plan won’t be presented until the Senate’s second meeting Sept. 13.
Overall, Stoddart and Schrankel were optimistic about the year ahead, though Stoddart had a plea for the student body.
“We want opinions,” Stoddart said. “Please, please, please feel free to come talk to us.”