Rating Orientation

Don’t Miss:

Survival Bingo:

There’s so much free stuff at Survival Bingo that you won’t know what to do with yourself.  Prizes in the past have included iPods, movie passes, Penguins tickets, mountains of food and more.  Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on freebies – provided you can find your way around a bingo board.

Sue Plunkett’s Sex Talk:

Never thought birth control could be fun?  Think again.  This event is so popular that they’ve scheduled it so that upperclassmen can come too.  Health Center Director Sue Plunkett puts a whole new spin on sex, with plenty of opportunities to get on stage and make a fool of yourself.  And you’ll never look at Saran wrap the same way again.

I <3 Meadville Picnic:

Free stuff is the name of the game.  On top of a catered lunch, vendors line the sides of Brooks Walk giving out coupons, discounts and even more free food.  It’s the perfect opportunity to gorge yourself and get know your options.

Don’t Bother:

All-College Celebration:

Stop by to get the free T-shirt, but the All-College Celebration will be so much like Homecoming and Springfest events (which are usually more fun anyway) that you won’t be missing much if you don’t show up.

Visiting with the Therapy Dogs:

Even though these dogs are cute, you will have the opportunity to see them every week.  There’s really no need to do it during Orientation, unless you’re feeling excessively homesick for your pooch back home.

Spirit of Allegheny Dinner:

If you want free food, go to the I <3 Meadville Picnic.  If you want free stuff, go to Survival Bingo.  The Spirit of Allegheny dinner combines both of these things, but due to the long lines and large crowds, it fails to really deliver on either.

What’s New:

Academic, Social and Wellness Breakout Sessions:

Each of these sessions features four or more different outlets for exploring the town, meeting people and makin’ transitions.  We’ve seen the tours of Meadville and of the library before, but the yoga and spinning options are new blips on the Orientation radar.

Family Welcome Dessert and Open House:

This brand new event should be a family-friendly good time, especially with gator-related desserts.

Continental Breakfast Receptions:

If you’re planning on eating breakfast, you’ll be eating with friends if you’re an Allegheny legacy, transfer student, out-of-stater, athlete or first-generation student.  You can go to multiple breakfasts, so if somehow you’re all of these things, come hungry.  If you’re none of those things, tough luck.