OBIT: Brittany Baker, 21

Brittany Baker, age 21, died peacefully on the newsroom couch during her midday nap last Friday, only two weeks before completing her comprehensive senior project in poetry. Baker was an avid napper, creating such renowned blogs as “Nap-Kins,” in which contributors could follow the nap-aficionado’s top naps and her ratings of different nap styles and techniques. She dreamed of one day opening a chain of breakfast-in-bed restaurants with the same theme, as part of her Nap-Kins franchise. While she had not considered any of the logistics during her years on earth, she felt destined for success after thinking up the slogan: “Nap-Kins: cause breakfast in bed anywhere else is crummy!” Baker was described by friends as “pun-ny” and “misguided,” or as “…who?” May she finally nap in peace.