A Cappella group will form on campus

Since early February, Sarah Puzzo ,’13, and Stephanie Fort, ’13, have been working to form a student-run a capella group at Allegheny.
Puzzo and Fort already have big plans for the group, including a competition at Elizabethtown College in April. They also hope to sing the national anthem at sporting events, and hold impromptu a capella performances in the campus center.
Although Puzzo and Fort are serious about performing, they want Allegheny a capella to be about more than just competition.
“We want it to be like a family, fun and performance-oriented,” said Puzzo. “You can be a great singer, but being an okay singer with fantastic stage performance is so much more important. Personality is definitely key.”
Allegheny students were also taking the stage to perform a capella in a similar fashion over a decade ago.
Student-led a capella group “Allegation” formed in 1997 and quickly gained popularity. According to Adjunct Professor of music Viki Jamison, the group was incredibly talented and all but two members of Allegation were involved in Allegheny’s voice or choir programs. Nevertheless, in 2001 Allegation’s coordinators graduated and the group disbanded.
Despite similarities to Allegation, Puzzo and Fort are hoping to form a unique group.
“We have a definite image of how we want it to be and how we want it to feel,” said Fort. “We don’t want it to be reminiscent of someone else’s idea. We want to do something new and different, and start fresh.”
While Allegation’s participants were concentrated in the music department, Puzzo and Fort are hoping to steer away from a chorus atmosphere and bring in singers from all academic backgrounds.
“Anybody who has expressed interest in singing and performing is welcome. We even want some beat boxers,” Fort added. “I mean I’m a biology major and psychology minor and I want to get this thing going.”
“There are plenty of talented singers who aren’t in the music department,” Puzzo explained. “There’s nothing on campus other than choir, and it’s a class for credit… We don’t want to do choir stuff. We want to make it jazzy, make it fun.”
The group has garnered interest among students, as both Puzzo and Fort have received quite a few inquiring e-mails from prospective a capella singers.
“Being a part of this group would be a way for me to grow and meet others with diverse interests,” explained Emily Tamimie, ’14. “It would be something unique to be involved in.”
Sophomore Conor Sharp, who sang in his high school a cappella group, also expressed interest in joining.
“It was probably the most fun I had outside of sports,” he said. “You get together and compose your own stuff, then just have fun, be creative. I’d definitely think about joining here.”
Puzzo explained that each member’s ideas will contribute to the group’s success, and emphasized that all interested students are encouraged to audition. The group will be meeting four hours each week at times that work with members’ schedules.
The last official auditions will be held today from 6 to 8 p.m. in Arnold Hall Room M102. Interested students must have a song they are ready to sing without background music. Students who missed auditions are encouraged e-mail Sarah Puzzo or Stephanie Fort.