Admissions makes plans for upcoming Bicentennial

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Allegheny trumps many of its local competitors like College of Wooster, Denison University and Kenyon College as the 32nd oldest college in the nation.

Not only does the Admissions Office hope the prospective students will envision themselves here for the next four years, they want the bicentennial to be a part of their college experience.

“I talked to one [prospective] student the other day,” said Laura Jacobs, senior assistant director of Admissions. “I was telling her about all the history of Allegheny and how she could be a part of the Bicentennial class and she just lit up. She was very excited.”

This is the ideal reaction Admissions is looking for, but prospective students haven’t shown as much interest, Jacobs explained.
“At a college fair early in the fall, I mentioned the Bicentennial and they couldn’t have cared less,” she said.

Some Gator Guides, Allegheny student tour guides, mention it on tours to the prospective students of the 200th class.

KATRINA TULLOCH/THE CAMPUS Randy Kulesza, ‘13, votes for his favorite Bicentennial logo in Arter Hall.

“They think it’s a cool concept. I’m not sure if it’s the ultimate selling point for them but I’m sure it factors in,” said Gator Guide Lindsay Menk, ’12.

Plans are already in progress for the Bicentennial. Lindy Jackson, campus visit coordinator, mentioned a proposal for the United States Postal Service to release an Allegheny postcard commemorating Allegheny’s 200-year history to be circulated throughout the entire country.

There are two other major Bicentennial projects in the works, according to Jackson—a special edition of the Meadville Tribune and renovations of Bentley Hall.

In keeping with Allegheny’s year-long themes, Jackson hopes 2015 will be the Year of the Bicentennial.

“We want to have symposiums that are history-based and other fun events,” she said.

Jackson stresses the Bicentennial celebration will be for everyone—alumni, students, faculty and administrators. Students are encouraged to voice their opinion by going to the history department to vote on the Bicentennial logo.

Admitted students attending upcoming admissions programs receive a special Bicentennial folder with a sticker to put on their nametag when they have committed to Allegheny. The Admissions Office plans to reuse the folders for the four years leading up to 2015 to continue to honor Allegheny’s ongoing commitment to the environment.

Allegheny hopes current students will return in 2015 for a one, two, three or four year-reunion.