New hires at Allegheny

Over the summer, Allegheny saw the exit of two of its most prominent employees: former Vice President of Enrollment Scott Friedhoff and former Director of Security Ken Kensill.

Friedhoff went on to accept a similar position at Wooster; Kensill went on to retire.

Jennifer Winge, Friedhoff’s successor, had only good things to say about her former co-worker.

“Scott did phenomenal work helping Allegheny identify its brand,” said Winge. She identified the phrases “unusual combinations” and “wonderfully weird” as recognizable products of Friedhoff’s work.

When asked about Friedhoff’s reasons for leaving, Winge replied that he probably just went where we was needed.

“Scott was a self-proclaimed fixer,” said Winge. “He has a history in higher education of taking on new challenges at institutions that need him.”

As for the future of Admissions, Winge has no plans to alter the policies that had been so successful under Friedhoff.

“There’s no reason to change our identity and message,” said Winge. “I’m really excited to continue [Scott’s] legacy.”

Friedhoff was also very popular with the student staff at Admissions.

“He was always positive and enthusiastic,” said Boris Temkin, ’11, a tour guide. “He was really involved even though he didn’t have to be.”

Perhaps the kindest words, though, came from Friedhoff himself.

“I loved the 8 years I spent at Allegheny College,” said Friedhoff in a phone interview. “It was a real honor.”

Friedhoff went on to praise Winge and express his excitement for the future.

“Jenn is one of the best directors in the country,” he said. “Admissions could not be in better hands.”

At Security, a similar transition is taking place.

Jeffrey Schneider, formerly the Executive Director of Student Affairs and Judicial Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville, was recruited over the summer by Allegheny to replace retired Director of Security Ken Kensill.

Schneider was excited about the future, but admitted that he was still in his “honeymoon period” at Allegheny.

“I’m trying to get a grasp on the culture here,” Schneider said. “Police powers is a different concept [at Allegheny].”

Though he is still getting adjusted, Schneider plans to propose changes in parking regulations and key control, as well as pursue additional training for the officers under him.

“I’m looking for a better way to do business,” he said. “We’ll see what I can accomplish in the late fall.”

On the subject of Kensill, Schneider was full of praise.

“Ken has a solid criminal justice background,” he said. “He is a very professional individual, and very experienced.”

Anthony Smith, ’12, a student worker at Security, also had nice things to say about Kensill.

“He was a nice guy,” Smith said. “He didn’t interact as much as Jeff does, though.”

“They have different attitudes, but good priorities.