ASG swears in 2023-24 president, cabinet


Roman Hladio

Allegheny Student Government President Nicole Recio Bremer, ’25, addresses the 2022-23 ASG cabinet and senate after she and her cabinet were officially installed.

The Allegheny College Student Government met for a brief General Assembly on Tuesday, April 25, to officially transfer leadership of the body to its new president and cabinet.
After a few introductory remarks, Veronica Green, ’23, swore in ASG President Nicole Recio Bremer, ’25. After taking the president’s seat, Recio Bremer swore in Vice President Sam Ault, ’26, and the remainder of her cabinet.
“The most important piece of advice I have is to delegate,” Green said in an interview after the meeting, referring to Recio Bremer. “The other part would probably be that there’s a fine line between pleasing the people and also being efficient within the means that ASG works within the college, and you’re probably going to have to get used to saying no.”
The new cabinet includes William Lowthert, ’24 as attorney general; Hunter Goerman, ’25, as director of the treasury; Kaleialoha Froning, ’24, as director of diversity and inclusion; London Dejarnette, ’24, and Autumn Stoneking, ’24, as co-directors of student affairs; Cam Lesher, ’24, as director of community relations; Jude Gotschall, ’26, as director of communication and press; Bianca Sanchez, ’24, as director of sustainability and environmental affairs; Ankitha Pamula, ’24, as parliamentarian; Dasha Kutova, ’25, as chief of staff; and V Belcher, ’26, as director of organizational development.
“I’m very grateful for the opportunity and very excited to serve as the Allegheny College Student Government president, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming next year,” Recio Bremer said after the meeting. “I’m very proud of everyone and all the hard work that has been so far done, but there’s still much to do and much to accomplish, and I’m just seeking for that.”
GA closed at the word of Ault, as there is no current senate under the new cabinet. On April 3, the ASG Instagram account published information for those interested in running for Senate. The same post notes that Senate elections were originally to take place on April 19. No other updates are still publicly available on their social media. ASG’s Google Doc detailing information for Senate elections states that Senate elections will be held from May 3 through 5.