ASG approves club, amendment despite low numbers

Allegheny Student Government, though low in numbers, still made it past the first round of voting for a new amendment and the revival of a club in their pre-spring break General Assembly.

The meeting was called to order at 7:33 p.m., with ASG President Veronica Green, ’23, absent along with Director of Diversity and Inclusion Jaelyn Valentin, ’25, Co-Director of Student Affairs Amani Green, ’25, and Director of Organizational Development Kori Bower, ’23.

Beside cabinet absences, only 13 senators were in attendance. Normally, they total 18.

“Because of how sparsely populated Senate is right now, when we vote on amendments later, there’s room for one abstention or one nay,” said ASG Vice President Rudra Schultz-Ray, ’23, during his report. “There is no room for anything else. So everything has to essentially be unanimous.”

The first item up for vote was the approval of Allegheny Veteran Service, a club which aims to “spread awareness of military service related issues and improve the lives of veterans residing in Meadville,” according to AVS President Danielle Gibson, ’26. AVS was previously discontinued before the fall 2022 semester, according to Gibson.

The first round of voting was unanimous, with all senators voting in favor of the organization.

Next up was amendment 22-06, which was originally introduced at the Feb. 21 GA, but was tabled after a number of senators suggested it needed some rewrites and linguistic tweaking.

“I feel really good about the revisions to this,” said Class of 2026 President Sam Ault. “I think it makes very clear the procedure for how this process goes, when it’s relevant, who it applies to, when it applies. I think all the concerns that were brought up last week have been addressed above and beyond what I had hoped for. I really support this amendment.”

The improved amendment adds a “grandfather clause,” for all current Culture, Identity and Leadership Coalition clubs; the amendment states, “Organizations that have a CILC status as of the start of the academic year of 2022-2023 shall not be in jeopardy of having their CILC status revoked.”

ASG’s attorney general and director of diversity and inclusion determine whether an organization qualifies for CILC status, according to the amendment.

In addition, if an organization is seeking CILC status or in jeopardy of having it revoked, the approval or revocation must be approved by both the senate of ASG and a “newly-formed CILC committee.” The amendment states that the CILC committee will be comprised of 8 randomly selected CILC representatives for each individual case, with the stipulations that the director of diversity and inclusion will lead the committee, four of the students must be active CILC organization board members, the four remaining students must be members of CILC organizations, and ASG members may not serve on the board.

The assembly engaged in a ten-minute discussion on the amendment and ultimately voted 12-0 for its approval, with one abstention: Lydia Wagner, ’26, who was serving as a proxy for Senator Gary Murray, ’26.

In other cabinet reports, Director of the Treasury Adrianna Solis, ’23, announced that $1,529.24 was spent from the general fund for the class of 2024’s Junior Week Celebration and for Women in Pop Culture, and $6,455.35 was spent from the surplus fund for the Game Room and Grounds For Change.

Co-Director of Student Affairs Cam Lesher, ’24, publicized Aramark’s corporate survey, which is open to students from all colleges and universities they serve.

“And then I just had a small update for … federal debt relief information,” Lesher said. “If you need more information or want more information about that, you need to go to the Department of Education or where you file FAFSA .”

Lesher wrote in the minutes that “(student loan) Payments will resume 60 days after the Supreme Court announces its decision. If it has not made a decision or resolved the litigation by June 30, payments will resume 60 days after that.”

Attorney General Abigail Estrada-Hernandez, ’25, noted that the ASG Presidential Debate will be hosted on March 14 from 7-9 p.m. in Quigley Hall’s auditorium.

“Veronica wanted me to talk about YikYak and the statement of community, specifically, I’m assuming this is talking about the recent primary elections,” Schultz-Ray said during his report. “I know primaries and ASG elections themselves are always messy. They always have been, and there’s no way we can solve that. But that doesn’t mean you get to be … mean. There’s so much more to talk about rather than just slinging dirt at each other.”

The meeting closed at 8:00 p.m.