2023-24 Presidential Profile: Reico Bremer and Ault campaign

Nicole Reico Bremer, ’25, and Sam Ault, ’26, are running for Allegheny Student Government President and Vice President.

The ticket prioritizes communication across all walks of life on campus.

“Putting together my experiences with Sam’s, whatever I’ve not done, he’s done and vice versa,” Reico Bremer said. “So we cover a lot of the field and I think that’s very good input for what a student voice should actually represent — the majority of campus, if not all of it.”

Ault said that the campaigns slogan, “Accomplish more together,” emphasizes the reform of how ASG interacts with the student body. Currently, Ault explained, students go to ASG with concerns and ask for something to be done.

“I kind of want to do a little paradigm shift there, and so when people have a concern or something they want changed and they’re going to ASG, I want ASG to be a supportive body, to help that student get in the meetings that need to be done and communicate their ideas effectively to administrators or staff members or whoever needs to be communicated to,” Ault said.

Implementing Google Calendar appointment slots like class deans for open communication is something Ault hopes to do once elected.

Although they are technically the “youngest” ticket — one other ticket host to two juniors, the other to two sophomores  — Ault noted that while they are a first-year, they have been on campus since seventh grade and have a breadth of background knowledge that is unusual for other candidates.

“In this time where the college has been worrying about admissions and first-year classes, having that perspective of someone who recently went through the admissions process is going to be really useful in conversations with administration about trying to make sure we’re maintaining the health of our student body size,” Ault said.

Reico Bremer noted that transparency within their administration is the final goal.

“We know there’s been concerns on like close slash open ended meetings and how the fact that everything has to be transparent, we understand there’s things that are confidential and that’s in the sake of the student body and the safety of people,” Reico Bremer said. “But at the same time, we want to be 100% and continue that transparency that the current administration has hold through social media, through putting yourself out there, through constituent comments.”