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    Lynne AlwineJun 24, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Are there any conservative speakers invited to this event? What are Mr. Borjas’ views on immigration? Are there going to be countering responses or is the field already set on purpose with liberal points of view only? What is the real motive behind this? Balancing the playing field sounds kind of like redistribution of weath. However this has never worked in history. The poor only remain poor, even globally. If this is only about examples such as Haiti, then great! US response from every day citizens to global crisis is nothing new.

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    Steven JonesApr 29, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    I have some agreement with Derek on acting locally. Here is my full view of the Year of Global Citizenship when asked by The Campus:

    I find the Year of Global Citizenship is definitely a great theme for our College to undertake. Because we are becoming more interconnected with advances in Internet, travel, and expanding media, it will be exciting to see where the YOGC coordinators will direct the year. I hope that it will be an integration of working within our own community and discussing how the rest of the world is connecting together to their communities, or how we can advance the citizenship of other nations.

    Because honestly, if you cannot connect with where you live, how can you move out and make connections to improve the world?

    I know politics will be a huge aspect of it, as Democracy has become a majority form of governance in the world, but there are many nations who have yet to achieve it. But I also hope there will be other ideas of connection, like community improvement projects (beautification, cleaning, support of local businesses, etc.) and how we can all benefit from the local specialties of each nation.

    The Year of Global Citizenship is certainly a viable goal, with groups like Growing Hearts Growing Minds, we can surely expand into further projects and create groups as successful as that. I will say we are a busy campus, and we won’t get everyone on board with this, but many of us hope to go global with our careers, or in the very least keep an eye and ear open to what’s going on outside our borders.

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