ASG Column: An unmasked return in semester’s first General Assembly


Evelyn Zavala

ASG met in-person Tuesday, Aug. 31, in CC 301/302 with President Noah Tart, ’22 (center), at the head with his cabinet.

The first Allegheny Student Government meeting of the semester commenced with introducing this year’s senators for their class before announcing their goals for the semester.

Allegheny Student Government President Noah Tart, ’22, explained the importance of first-year senate involvement.

“First-year senate participation is critical to the success of the operation of ASG,” Tart said. “Please be on the lookout for the freshman senator election information.”

Parliamentarian Rachel Harris, ’23, outlined her goals regarding the legislative branch over the next semester.

“I want to ensure that the legislative branch has a bit more direction,” Harris said. “I am looking to make a reformation of the policies. In November, I will be looking at a transparency bill.”

According to Tart, the transparency bill will ensure there is more communication between the student body and the administration.

Director of Finance Lucas Biniewski, ’23, talked about the state of finances this semester.

“Currently, the general fund is undecided because we’re waiting for the campaign,” Biniewski said. “Right now we are at a healthy $70,000 spent the first two weeks.”

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Jennifer Peralta, ’22, talked about her plans to reach more students this semester.

“Some of the things I was thinking to do this year were more events, creating more safe spaces for students and building an aid closet.”

Director of Communications and Press Ryder Sullivan, ’22, spoke about her plans for ASG to be more involved with students and have an overall bigger presence.

“I want to try to really emphasize communication with the students and also try to be really open about what we do here and show them all the work we provide for them,” Sullivan said. “ I also wanted to do more Instagram takeovers throughout the year where every senator shows what a day senator’s day is like.”

Director of Student Affairs Elizabeth Graham, ’22, emphasized the importance of certain services around campus which would improve student life on campus.

“We are looking to continue to work on the feminine product dispensers as well as looking to increase the number of charging stations around campus and starting ‘Talk About It Tuesday” so we can have more feedback,” Graham said.

“We’re evaluating and choosing projects based on the feedback from the students.”

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Andi Reiser, ’23, wants to get more students in

“I am trying to find people for the sustainability committee such as ex officios and senators,” Resiser said. “I really want to get people involved in specifically things like metal straws and menstrual cups that we had last year. It’s something I really like to get students involved in.”

Community Relations Director Kyrie Doniz, ’23, shared her plans to connect students to local businesses to involve students in the surrounding community.

“I hope to work on a college student discount and or promotions for businesses,” Doniz said. “I think that would be a great way for students to interact with other businesses. I want to bring in local restaurants to campus. I also think bringing local representatives and figures to campus to speak about what they do in the community, their jobs, things like that are valuable.”

Director of Organizational Development Crystal Hernandez, ’23, talked about the need for ASG members to each represent student affairs through events.

“If it is anything like the involvement fair, you have a requirement to represent ASG in those events,” Hernandez said.

ASG and the Major Events Committee are planning to bring a concert to Allegheny College this year. A major concert typically occurs every two years. Bryce Vine headlined the Major Concert in February 2020.

Vice President Sophie Adams, ’22, spoke about the concert plans this year.

“In the coming weeks, we will be sending out a survey to determine the genre, we will be good with budget,” Adams said “Who the artist is will not be disclosed until the concert and it will be a surprise. We are looking forward to it.”

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students and ASG advisor April Thompson concluded the meeting with a statement about her role with ASG.

“My job here is to make sure that everybody follows the rules. You can change the rules if you don’t like them, they are your rules. You all are my priority this semester,” Thompson said.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:41 p.m.